This Might Help You at the Polls on November 8

The political arena in San Francisco, as well as the nation, is dominated by the two major political parties, with third parties such as the Libertarian Party or the Green Party trailing far behind in number of affiliated candidates.  While the progressive principles of Green candidates give them an edge in left-leaning San Francisco, the profound fiscal conservatism of Libertarians constitutes a double whammy!  Therefore, come November 8, there will be no major candidates affiliated with the Libertarian Party of San Francisco that we can endorse.  However, there will be some candidates that we prefer over others. 




#1 Choice – Jeff Adachi .   We support Proposition D, of which Mr. Adachi is the principal advocate.  Our next Mayor will face unprecedented economic challenges, and will need to accept the fact that the current public employees’ pension system is unsustainable.  We also support Mr. Adachi's strong record on civil rights issues.  His progressive economic record on issues other than pension reform concerns us, but we are hoping that as Mayor, he will place as much fiscal scrutiny on other challenges as he did on pension reform.


#2 Choice – Tony Hall.    We applaud Mr. Hall’s overall fiscal conservatism, and he would have been our first choice had it not been for Mr. Adachi’s more aggressive stance on the issue of pension reform.




#1 Choice – Ross Mirkarimi.   Our only preference.  Libertarians are economically conservative but socially liberal, deeply believing in individual rights.   We reason, therefore, that Mr. Mirkarimi’s progressive politics will be appropriate for the office of Sheriff.


District Attorney:

We do not have clear preferences for this office.  However, we would like to mention Vu Vuong Trinh, who pledges to take politics out of the justice system; even though we do have concerns about his support of technology such as surveillance cameras.