Non-Existent Neo-Nazi Threat Was An Overtime Bonanza | Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Non-Existent Neo-Nazi Threat Was An Overtime Bonanza

What a boon the recent, fizzled, right-wing protests in San Francisco turned out to be in providing municipal authorities with a ready-made excuse to waste a bunch of taxpayer money paying overtime wages to government employees – "The fascists made us do it!"

SFIST reports that the excessive police response to the non-event cost the SFPD (read: the taxpayers) $775,000, with 98% of that expense going toward overtime pay for police officers.

Next they will no doubt say they need to hire more police and other government employees. Because a $576 million SFPD budget encompassing 2,346 sworn police officers and 649 civilian employees, along with thousands more personnel at the Department of Public Works, the Sheriff's Department, the Rec & Parks Department, etc., clearly aren't enough to keep order and protect residents from the dire threat posed by perhaps a half dozen or so neo-Nazis (or more likely, just media-chasing Trump supporters trying to get a rise out of local leftists) without incurring a hefty bill for overtime.

If these "alt-reich" protests hadn't become a thing, would the SF Police Officers Association have found it in their interests to invent them?