LIBERTARIANISM 101 | Libertarian Party of San Francisco


Good job by Starchild, our Outreach Director, explaining the basic principles of libertarianism on Brian Donovan’s “Post News Hour” (  Thank you to Brian for his interest!

Starchild’s crucial message:  The current political system is rigged in favor of insiders, leaving the majority of us victims of that system.  It does not have to be this way.

He touched upon the main challenges of our current system, and how libertarianism could remedy them.  The challenges affect our personal lives and our economic lives.  Therefore, solutions need to address both, which libertarianism does.

On the personal side, we live under policies that undermine individual liberties.  Challenges include invasive searches and seizures, detention policies skewed against minorities, rules on how people choose to live their lives, prohibition on what people choose to consume, application of resources on pursuing victimless crimes.

On the economic side, we deal with policies that prevent us from easily starting a business without jumping through interminable hoops, establishing private transportation systems that help people get to where they are going, have control of our monetary system via elected representatives not unelected Federal Reserve bureaucrats. 

Libertarianism pushes the balance of power towards the people and away from the insiders.  There are many groups, local and national, that promote power to the people, including the Libertarian Party.  However, we can exercise libertarianism every day on our own by insisting on making personal and economic informed choices without government coercion, and by believing in our hearts that we have unalienable rights that are ours to exercise while making sure nothing we do harms others