Meeting of 9 February, 2019 | Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Meeting of 9 February, 2019

Ryder Meehan

Libertarian Party of San Francisco 2/09/19 Meeting Notes

Members in Attendance
Nick Smith (Chair)
Allen Sherzer
Ryder Meehan (Secretary)
Dylan Snow
Alex Mills (Vice Chair)

Guests in Attendance
Nicholas Langdon
Chris Mendes
Brian Thomas
Saúl Flores
Kumar R.

·         Treasurer Rebecca Lau is currently out of town at the LP of CA

·         Vice Chair is out of town, may come late – Alex arrived

·         Nick shared an update from the annual meeting:

·         It was successful with nearly 60 attendees

·         A video of the meeting is available online on YouTube and Facebook

·         We elected new officers for 2019

·         Bylaws were updated – Nick summarized the changes and handed out print outs

·         Nick sent a small thank you gift to Clint and Litia

·         Nick would like to do more with the Santa Clara group and other Bay Area groups

·         California Libertarian annual conference is coming up on 4/5-4/7, members are invited to attend, more details available at

·         We are exploring new locations for the monthly meeting, potentially at other meetings.  The March meeting will be at the library, after that we are looking for new places.

·         Secretary report – 65 members (44 monthly, 21 lifetime).  Several expired, we will try to reach them to – Ryder will handle this task.

·         Total cost of annual conference was $170.06

·         SFLP has a PayPal and SF Credit Union account.  Nick has been trying to link the PayPal and Union Account, he had to mail a check and deposited which is done.  Total balance $6,873.88 in credit union account - $300 of this was from due sharing the state. As well as $188.44 in the PayPal account.

·         Last month we sent a newsletter – it recapped the convention.  It has a 12% open rate and 1% click rate.

·         Nick is looking for additional writers for the newsletter.

·         Allen reports that we had a kick off meeting Wednesday, reviewing our platform, our CA platform is only 8 pages long, the national is 60.  The suggest is that we repeal the CA platform to replace it with the national platform then add CA modifications. Members can review the CA platform and provide feedback.  Please suggest what to keep from the CA platform. (available on Allen will write this up in the next monthly newsletter. The goal is to keep it more focused and organized with more local, relevant items and more general.

·         Allen is looking for instructions on how we would like him to vote.  Ryder or Nick can help Allen to create a Google Form to take a poll.

·         Chris Mendez is looking to become more involved, will become a registered.

·         Nick – upcoming event is a panel discussion.  Last year we talked about school choice and had about 45 in attendance.  We had Vicky Elders and Carol Kosavar. Previous year we did sanctuary cities, previous was public transportation.

·         We are dedicating mainly between criminal justice reform and homelessness.  Nick would like to see more non-Libertarians.

·         Leaning towards criminal justice

o   Jennifer Doliac, leads Justice Tech Lab, has done a lot of research on tech and criminal justice.

o   Lauren Krisai, Director of Criminal Justice Reform at Reason, she may be in LA.

·         The panel would be planned for late April

·         Allen suggests a local attorney general to counter argue the point

·         Also need to figure out:

o   Venue

o   Panel discussion

o   PR

o   Looking for volunteers to help

·         Nick to reach out to potential moderations and to share a link to last year’s video event

·         New business:

o   Ryder has made suggestions on ways to improve marketing, communications and tech

·         Nick will look into ebook

·         Website email drive

o   Facebook ads: Ryder is asking for $600

o   T-Shirt

o   Integrate checkout


·         Late attendees:

o   Bryan Thomas, Saul Flores, Dillon

·         Events: (Chris Mendez to research)

o   Gun Show

o   Slut Walk (legalize prostitution)

o   Pride – last year we had a spinning wheel with laws – try to land on something legal

o   Union Street Festival (May/June)

o   Haight Street Festival

o   Fillmore Street Festival

o   First Fridays, Thursday art hops

§  Chris Mendez will look into

o   Farmer’s Markets

o   Sunday Streets

o   Tax Foundation: Tax Freedom Day – date we have to work through for just taxes – look at doing an event

o   End the Fed protest

·         We now have a monthly happy hour

·         Candidate recruitment

·         Nick and Rebecca – to be added as signatory – no objections

·         Activist reports