Meeting of 13 April, 2019 | Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Meeting of 13 April, 2019

Ryder Meehan
  • Nick starts meeting 3:30PM 4/13/19 at San Francisco Library Paley Room
  • Attendees: Nick Smith, Allen Sherzer, Nicholas Langdon, Alex Mills, Ryder Meehan, Thomas Busse, Lawrence Chin, Starchild, Mike Denny
  • Mike and Nick recently filed a contest against Proposition A (building a sea wall)
    • Don’t expect to win but raises awareness
    • But phase 2 is a plan to sue state of California for enforcement
    • Each time they come back for new funding we will create opposition and scrutiny
    • Wording in the bond has embellishments and 130 words, not the normal 60
    • We believe there will be a tax increase although it was promoted
  • Ryder marketing update: the landing page and paid membership signup are near completion- expected this week.
    • Nick to share link for feedback
    • Will run $600 of Facebook Ads
  • Membership:
    • TODO: Fill in membership number (hasn’t changed since last month)
  • Treasury:
    • SFFCU: $6,703.82
    • PayPal: $716.64
    • Total: $7,420.46
  • Nominations for Treasurer:
    • Allen Sherzer nominates Thomas Busse
    • Starchild seconds
    • Unanimous!
  • Talk about how to follow legislation, chamber of commerce, union labor federation, LP needs to hire a lobbyist, reach out to chair of party, the lobbyist actually do officially is monitoring the legislation,where LP really shines is professional licensing, local and state level, how to keep track of political news,, and