Meeting of 8 July, 2010 | Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Meeting of 8 July, 2010

Marcy Berry

LPSF Agenda:  July 10, 2010




Meeting Starts


3:00 pm

Welcome and Introductions / New Agenda Items


3:05 pm




Officer Reports


3:15 pm

Treasurer: Les Mangus



Secretary: Jawj Greenwald



Vice Chair: Ron Getty



Chair: Marcy Berry






Committee Reports


3:30 pm

Internet Communications/Social Networking: Rob Power



Initiatives/Ballot Measurers: Ron Getty



Membership: Marcy Berry



Outreach: Starchild








3:40 pm




Old Business



Report on S.F. Pride Outright Libertarians Booth:  Rob Power


3:45 pm

Report on LPSF July 4th Party hosted by Rob Power:  Rob Power


3:50 pm

Cleaning up LPSF contact list. Plans for next mailing:  Marcy Berry


3:55 pm

Time line for voting on/recommending Nov. initiatives:  Ron Getty


4:05 pm



New Business



Renewing contract with Library for LPSF meetings: Marcy Berry


4:15 pm

Increasing LPSF visibility and Influence : All


4:45 pm

Current Internet presence and integration of resources



Increasing presence and integration of Website, Facebook etc



Other venues for visibility and influence