Meeting of 10 April, 2010 | Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Meeting of 10 April, 2010

Jawj Greenwald

LPSF Agenda:  April 10, 2010




Meeting Starts


3:00 pm

Welcome and Introductions / New Agenda Items


3:05 pm




Officer Reports


3:15 pm

Treasurer: Les Mangus



Secretary: Jawj Greenwald – Approval of Minutes



Vice Chair: Ron Getty



Chair: Marcy Berry






Committee Reports


3:25 pm

Internet Communications/Social Networking: Rob Power



Initiatives/Ballot Measurers: Ron Getty



Membership: Marcy Berry



Outreach: Starchild








3:30 pm




Old Business



Ballot Measures Recommendations:  Ron Getty


3:50 pm

LPSF Business Cards: Ron Getty and Rob Power


4:00 pm

April 15 Tax Protest:  Jawj Greenwald

Phil Berg for Congress, Christina Tobin for SOS



4:10 pm

4:20 pm




New Business



LPSF Participation in local politics:  Current level and opportunities


4:40 pm

What is membership’s opinion of LPSF’s level of participation?

What may be the opportunities?  Such as:

DA’s announcement about resources allocated to war on drugs



City police budget and planned layoffs

Communication via LPSF e-mail newsletters



Minutes of the LPSF Meeting of April 10, 2010



Members Present: Phil Berg, Marcy Berry (Chair),  Michael Edelstein, Francoise Fielding, Ron Getty, Jawj Greenwald (Secretary).


Non-members: Sheila Dean, Ann Grogan, Mark Williams.


Officer’s Reports:

  • Treasurer:  Marcy Berry reported on last month’s bank account activity.  After spending $126.91 on outreach postcards, the balance in the LPSF account is $2,193.36.


  • Secretary: The minutes of the February and March meeting were approved after amendment to the latter to add the names of other candidates for Chair of the national LP.


  • Chair: Marcy Berry noted and will investigate the strange lack of mail for the past two months.


Committee Reports:

  • Internet Communication/Social Networking:  Rob Power reported plans for a July 4th barbecue.  This event is particularly welcome because the Libertarian “utopia” conference which was planned for July 2-4 in San Francisco has now been relocated to Southern California.


  • Outreach: No report. Starchild was absent.


  • Membership: Marcy Berry reported that there were no new memberships or renewals this month.



The May meeting will be held at the Main Library at Civic Center.  Ron Getty will confirm any necessary arrangements for getting access to the room, e.g. a training session.



Old Business:

Ballot Measure Recommendations:

Ron Getty distributed a summary of voter initiatives to appear on the June 8 ballot.  We voted to recommend as follows.  Our recommendations will be mailed on a postcard to party members and others:


Measure ASFUSD: District Tax Measure: Continuation of special parcel tax for the Unified School District. Recommend NO (unanimously)


Measure B  Earthquake Safety and Emergency Response General Obligation Bond: Bond measure to upgrade and earthquake proof police stations, fire stations, and certain water and infrastructure facilities.  Recommend NO (3 No, 2 Yes)


Measure C  Establishing a Film Commission, its Membership, Qualification and Power: Creation of a Film Commission . Recommend NO (unanimously)


Measure D  Reducing Employer Benefit Cost: Reductions in health and pension benefits for future city employees. Recommend YES (unanimously)

Measure E  Budget Line Item for Police Department Dignitary Security Requirement for a police budget line item for costs of providing security for officials and dignitaries.  Recommend YES (4 Yes, 1 No, 1 No position)


Measure F Renters Economic Relief: New limitations on landlord pass-throughs of certain taxes and costs under rent control with limits based on tenant income.  Recommend NO (unanimously)


Measure G Policy Statement on Location of the New Transbay Center: Policy statement that a new state high speed rail site should be located where the current Transbay Terminal is. (Issue now moot)  Recommend Yes (5 Yes, 1 No position)


LPSF Business Cards. Rob Power circulated for review and approval various formats for a two-sided LPSF business card featuring the world’s smallest political quiz.  Ron Getty circulated a full page handout with the same quiz.  Both will have space to personalize them with local and individual contact information.  Rob will finalize the cards and arrange an initial print run so that they can be used to administer the quiz and promote the LP at our Gay Pride booth in June.


April 15 Tax Protest. Jawj Greenwald had no success reaching Sally Zelikovsky, organizer of the Bay Area Patriots Tea Party Protest.  She couldn’t get a phone number or any response to emails.  The website, however, invites candidates to set up tables at the Tax Protest event (which has been moved to Union Square, from 4-7 p.m.).  Accordingly, the LPSF as a group will not sponsor or participate in any tax day protest, but individual members are urged to participate however they wish.


Campaigns. Phil Berg and Sheila Dean reported on his Congressional District campaign.  Last weekend he campaigned in the Castro.  They circulated an early draft of campaign literature for review.  Comments can be made to Phil at [email protected] or Sheila at [email protected].  He would be willing to participate in the Bay Area Patriots’ Tax Day Protest under certain circumstances.


San Francisco Patrol Special Police. Ann Grogan gave a brief introduction to the special police, and will come to our May meeting to discuss more fully their role and how we might support them.  Although the Police Chief and Police Commission support this private/public policing partnership in principle, in practice police unions disfavor it and the program in San Francisco has dwindled to about 40 participants.  A report by a Boston consulting group on the role of the special police will be published shortly, and is expected to be negative in tone.


New Business:


LPSF Participation in local politics.  There was a general discussion of LPSF participation in local politics – its level and opportunities for participation.   Rob Powers will host a “quasi-potluck” barbecue on July 4th, and it was agreed to allocate $300 to this event and its publicity.