Meeting of 12 June, 2010 | Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Meeting of 12 June, 2010

Jawj Greenwald

LPSF Agenda:  June 12, 2010




Meeting Starts


3:00 pm

Welcome and Introductions / New Agenda Items


3:05 pm




Officer Reports


3:15 pm

Treasurer: Les Mangus



Secretary: Jawj Greenwald



Vice Chair: Ron Getty



Chair: Marcy Berry






Committee Reports


3:25 pm

Internet Communications/Social Networking: Rob Power



Initiatives/Ballot Measurers: Ron Getty



Membership: Marcy Berry



Outreach: Starchild








3:30 pm




Old Business



Report on LNC National Convention – Leadership, Future: Delegates


3:35 pm

Report on June 8 Primary Elections – Results, Trends: Ron and All


3:40 pm

Candidate and Initiative Updates – Sup.District 8, Fix Muni, etc. :  All


3:45 pm

LPSF Business Cards – Progress :  Rob


3:50 pm

Pride Festival June 26 & 27 – Volunteers, Schedule, Promotion:  Rob


4:00 pm

Independence Day Party – Location/Time, Invitations, Promotion:Rob


4:10 pm

LPSF Roster Updates – LPCA Lists, Lapsed members


4:20 pm



New Business



Proposed LPSF Involvement with S.F. Sit/Lie Law:  Michael E.



Report on Requirements for Political Organizations – EIN, Filing: Les



Increasing LPSF Visibility, Influence:  Website, Resource Integration



Minutes of the LPSF Meeting of June 12, 2010



Members Present: Phil Berg, Marcy Berry (Chair), Michael Edelstein, Ron Getty (Vice-Chair), Jawj Greenwald (Secretary), Tim Kuklinsky, Les Mangus (Treasurer), Noel McKinney, Rob Power.


Non-members:  Jeff Yunes, Jason Williams



Officers’ Reports:

Chair: Marcy Berry suggested a new procedure for approving the minutes, and it was approved unanimously.  Minutes will be posted on the Activists online discussion group, and will be deemed approved at the following month’s meeting without objection unless comments are received.  She reported that she had sent letters to Joe Marshall and Supervisor Bevan Dufy in support of the Special Police.


Treasurer:  The balance in the LPSF account is  $2078.13, and petty cash is $20.64.


Secretary: The minutes of the May meeting were submitted and posted online.  The minutes of the April meeting were approved as posted.



Committee Reports:

Internet Communication/Social Networking:  Rob Power said that the LPSF website was generating enough content so that Phil Berg’s campaign and our proposition recommendations were getting knocked off the front page.  To remedy this, he will find a method for keeping topical articles above others, and will try a sidebar for state LP candidates.  Local candidates (i.e.,  Phil Berg, Starchild, Mark Williams) will be given front page priority.  Links for all candidates websites and campaign information will be provided.


Membership:  Marcy Berry reported that no new members had joined this month.  The “LPSF-Discuss” online discussion board is open to all members, and newcomers get moderated for a period.


Initiatives/Ballot Measures:  Ron Getty reported the election results for the June ballot measures, and discussed measures to appear on the November ballot.  Only San Francisco and Orange County voted No on Prop 14 (the “top two” primary measure), which passed.




Marcy Berry gave a book recommendation from Gloria Connor: a Mises Institute publication, Inclined to Liberty, by Louis Carabini, which can be requested online for free.


Guest Jason Williams has a personal lawsuit he may be pursuing against the Russian government arising out of the Russian Revolution, which he said may interest LP members for the libertarian principles involved.



Old Business:

Report on LP National Convention. Rob Power and Michael Edelstein reported on the LP National Convention held in St. Louis over Memorial Day weekend.  Of the candidate slate Rob was running with, only the candidate for Treasurer, James Oaksun, won.  Mark Hinkle, former chair of the California party and one of five candidates for Chair, won.  California formed part of an unprecedented triple region, joining forces with Texas and Southeastern States.


Candidate’s Campaign  and Initiative Updates. Phil Berg updated us on the progress of his campaign for U.S. Congress.  Ron Getty discussed a list of proposed November ballot initiatives.  We are likely to support the Fix MUNI initiative, but will await the final form of ballot measures before we take a formal position and decide whether to involve ourselves in any campaign.


Plans for PRIDE parade weekend. This year’s Gay Pride weekend is June 26/27.  Outright Libertarians/LPSF will have a booth at Civic Center both days, although we will not participate in the march.  We will distribute the “world’s smallest political quiz” on our new business cards and post people’s results on a large composite score chart.  Rob Powers is coordinating plans.  He will be there both days, and others are invited to join him.  Bring your own chair.


Independence Day Party. Rob Power is hosting a barbecue/fireworks viewing party for the Fourth of July.  There were no RSVPs to the 300 postcards that went out, so he will do an Evite.  It can also be mentioned on the website, on Facebook, and on the LPSF-Discussion list.  Marcy suggested we contact people we know and give personal invitations.


LPSF Business Cards. Rob Power distributed a stack of our new LPSF business cards featuring the world’s smallest political quiz for members to use for recruitment.


LPSF Roster Update. Many postcards from our June mailing were returned by the Post Office as undeliverable.  Rob Power will ask the California State party Secretary for an updated address list, since we have had difficulty getting one.  The State party is still using a database they have not updated since November.  –


New Business:

Proposed involvement with SF Sit/Lie Law initiative.  Opinions differed widely as to whether we should involve ourselves in the Sit/Lie law issue to be placed on the November ballot, and what our position should be.  Discussion will continue.


Report on Requirements for Political Organizations. We discussed the pros and cons of registering as a political organization in our own right. (We are now creatures of the State Party.)  We need to explore further the requirements of the Federal Political Parties Act and the Form 990 filing requirements for non-profit status before deciding whether to register.  However, no action will be taken for now.