Meeting of 14 April, 2012 | Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Meeting of 14 April, 2012

Marcy Berry

Libertarian Party of San Francisco Agenda:  Saturday, April 14, 2012

Meeting Location:  SF Main Library, 4th Floor Conference Room

  1. Welcome and Introductions 3:05
  2. Activist Reports -- Past & Future 3:15
  3. Announcements 3:30
  4. Treasurer’s Report 3:35
  5. Reports on Prop 14 Hearing & Tax Day Tabling at Tea Party Event 3:40
  6. JSA Tabling in Santa Clara: Saturday, April 21-with LP Monterey County 3:50
  7. National Convention in Las Vegas May 2-6 3:55
  8. Pride Booth:  June 23 & 24 - Signups (additional volunteers) 4:00
  9. Chair/Vice Chair positions (Phil Berg’s Resignation) 4:05
  10. Involvement in Supervisor Districts Election This Fall? 4:10
  11. Just Do It! 4:20

Minutes of the LPSF Meeting of April 14, 2012

Written by Marcy Berry, in the absence of Secretary Sam Sloan, who is attending the Minnesota -Wisconsin Libertarian Convention in his capacity of LP Presidential candidate.


Members Present:  Aubrey Freedman, Marcy Berry, Mike Minton

Guests:  Thomas Johnson, Alan Reed, Seagull Levi



Activists Reports:

As is tradition, members and guests talked about what they had done for liberty during the past month, and what they will be working on for that purpose in the future.  Sample efforts were, starting a libertarian blog, running a libertarian radio station, tabling for Ron Paul, tabling at the SF Tea Party Tax Day Protest, working on an idea for an upcoming ballot measure, attending the Prop 14 hearing.



Campaign for Liberty Gun Show Tabling, Cow Palace, April 15, 9am-5pm

Campaign for Liberty Meetup, Moksha Life Center, April 16, 7pm

LP of Monterey County Tabling, JSA semi-annual event, Santa Clara Mariott, April 21, 1pm-4pm. Pizza afterwards.


Treasurer’s Report:

Aubrey Freedman reported that the balance in the bank remains unchanged, $4,554.42   Treasurer Les Mangus was absent due to work commitments.


Proposition 14 “Top Two” Hearing:

Four LPSF members attended the court hearing on Proposition 14 at the Alameda County Court House on April 10.  The courtroom was full of individuals who are interested in the overturn of this Proposition, which according to the presentation by plaintiffs’ attorney, limits the ability of voters to hear the positions of third party candidates during the most important period of campaigns.


San Francisco Tea Party Tax Day Protest:

Aubrey Freedman staffed an LPSF table at the event. He reported that the event was well attended, and many attendees stopped by the LPSF table to talk and take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.


LP National Convention, Las Vegas, May 2-6, 2012:

Aubrey Freedman encouraged LPSF members to attend, especially since at this convention the Libertarian presidential candidate will be chosen.  There was discussion on the practice of Republican candidates to switch over to the Libertarian Party when they do not succeed in garnering support within the Republican establishment.  Given the general unpopularity of Bob Barr among Libertarians, perhaps the LP should be less enthusiastic of newcomers and more supportive of long-time Libertarians.


Pride Booth Signups:

Preparations are being made for a successful LPSF presence at the 2012 Pride Festival, June 23 and 24.  Three activists signed up to help staff the LPSF booth, but more are needed if we are to attract good numbers to the World Smallest Political Quiz. 


Replacement of Two ExCom Members:

Due to events beyond their control, two ExCom members resigned their position, and two replacements were elected by unanimous vote at this meeting.  By acclaim Aubrey Freedman is the new Chair; and Marcy Berry agreed to serve as Vice Chair, since no one else was able to volunteer.


Involvement in Local Elections this Fall:

There was discussion on how LPSF can more visibly participate in local political elections.  The consensus indicated a need for more effort in supporting LPSF candidates, such as gathering nominating and in-lieu signatures on their behalf, and helping to publicize the candidacy.  Also, there was support for the idea of publicizing libertarian-leaning candidates when a Libertarian is not running for the office.


Discussion on “Just Do It”:

There was discussion on the Libertarian tendency towards purity and perfectionism, often to the detriment of action.  Consensus was to go forward with ideas and deeds that 1) are supported in general by LPSF members, 2) do not violate provable facts, and 3) do not violate established Libertarian principles.  Obvious perhaps; but the general idea is to try to refrain from impeding the good while demanding the perfect.