Meeting of 10 December, 2011 | Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Meeting of 10 December, 2011

Jawj Greenwald

Libertarian Party of San Francisco Agenda:  Dec 10, 2011

Meeting Location:  San Francisco Main Library, 4th Floor

Meeting Starts                                                                                                   3:00

Welcome and Introduction/New Agenda Items                                          3:05


Officer Reports :                                                                                10          3:15

Treasurer:  Les Mangus

Secretary:  Jawj Greenwald

Vice Chair:  Ron Getty

Chair:  Marcy Berry


Committee Reports :                                                                         10        3:25

Internet /Social Networking:  R. Getty

Initiatives/Ballot Measures:  R. Getty/A. Freedman

Membership:  M. Berry

Outreach:  Starchild


Political Candidates/Activists’ Reports :                                     10        3:35


Announcements :                                                                              10        3:45


Old Business

LPCA Project on Local Districts/Agencies Update                     :15        4:00

M. Berry


Mailing to High Schools Update/New Ideas                                :15        4:15

M. Berry, Starchild, and All


New Business


End of year specials – Your choice of one, all, or none:            :45        5:00


1.  New agenda items.

2.  Subjects we should have had on the agenda, but never did.

3.  Review of where LPSF has been, is now, and can go.

4.  Close early and go out to Holiday Dinner.

Minutes of the LPSF Meeting of December 10, 2011


Members Present: Phil Berg, Marcy Berry (Chair), Aubrey Freedman, Jawj Greenwald (Secretary), Les Magnus (Treasurer), Bob Rintel.


Officers’ Reports:

Chair: Marcy Berry continues to participate in Hastings Law School Profession Chris Elderdorf’s political party surveys.

Vice Chair: No report (Our vice chair still has to work Saturdays).

Treasurer: The LPSF has $4,478.78 in its bank account and $20.68 in cash.  Since the cash was once used to buy pizza for our social hour but is now just burning a hole in his pocket, he will deposit it in the bank.

Secretary:  Minutes of the November meeting have been posted on the website.


Committee Reports:

Internet Communication/Social Networking:   Marcy Berry sought suggestions for someone who could take over the role of posting on the LP’s website and its social media outlets such as Facebook.


Activism Reports:

We went around the table reporting on our efforts for freedom this month.  Aubrey Freedman did LP outreach setting up a table in the Castro with Jawj Greenwald and her freedom-fighting kittens.  Now that local elections are over, he is getting involved with the national Ron Paul campaign and its phone canvassing of voters in early primary states.  He, Phil Berg and others continue to write letters to editors, chat up captive audiences on planes, and read up on issues of concern to Libertarians, such as the current global financial collapse.   Marcy Berry wrote and posted a comment supporting the views Sally Z (the local tea party lady) expressed in a recent article in the Marin Independent.



Aubrey plans to drive to Ventura for the March 2-4, 2012 California LP meeting, in case anyone wants to carpool.


Several members expressed interest in going to the National LP Convention in Las Vegas May 4-6, 2012, especially if attendees will be able vote as delegates on the LP’s presidential candidate without having been a California convention delegate earlier.


Old Business:

California LP Information Request on Local Government Bodies: In response to a request from the California LP for a list of local agencies and districts that could be used to promote the election or appointment of libertarians to local bodies, Marcy Berry asked for, but did not receive, the California LP’s last listing as a basis for updating. She has compiled a list of elective local offices.  Aubrey Freedman agreed to research the major appointive local offices to add to the list.


Mailing to High Schools: Marcy Berry reported that the mailings to local high schools of a computer disk with materials on Libertarianism for use in civics classes were completed at the beginning of the school year.  She has had no feedback, so doesn’t know what reception they received or if they’ve been used.  We agreed it might be worthwhile to include a postcard or some other device to solicit feedback the next time we do something like this.


New Business:

None.  In the spirit of the season, the meeting adjourned early and we all headed off for a holiday dinner at Max’s Opera Café.