Meeting of 11 May, 2013 | Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Meeting of 11 May, 2013

Denny Bailey

Libertarian Party of San Francisco Monthly Meeting, Saturday, May 11, 2013

Meeting Location, SF Main Library, 4th Floor Conference Room


Welcome and Introductions 3:05-3:10

Activist Reports - Past & Future 3:11-3:25

Announcements 3:26-3:35

Treasurer's Report 3:36-3:40

Membership 3:41-3:50

Tax Day Event 3:51-4:00

Nullify NDAA Update 4:01-4:05

Plan Bay Area (Online Town Hall) 4:06-4:10

Bay Area Mini-Convention 4:11-4:20

Speaker Events 4:21-4:35

Activity Fund 4:36-4:45

LPSF Announcements List 4:46-5:00


Libertarian Party of San Francisco Meeting of May 11, 2013 

Written by Denny Bailey



Guests Steve Schrader and Gareen Auakian, Treasurer Leslie Mangus, Secretary Denny Bailey, Eric John Diesel, Michael Edelstein, David Peters, Vice Chair Marcy Berry, and Chair Aubrey Freedman.

Starchild, Dan Pickell, and Phil Berg also in attendance.


Activist Report

Marcy participated in our Tax Day Event, including making new literature available. She continues working on the website upgrades and participated in the JSA table.

Michael spoke on Bob Zadek's show in favor of open borders.

Eric is interviewing for position on San Mateo County Commission on Disabilities and continues work on portable housing and defending the disabled.

Denny also attended the Tax Day Event.

David is researching new internet tax legislation.

Gareen attended meetings like ours.

Les wrote editorial commentary.

Aubrey spoke at his district open house in defense of the tax payer.  



End the Fed rally on May 18th, 10am.

GGLR meeting at Moksha Life Center on May 20th 7-9pm.

Free Exchange at Jim Elwood's June 1st 7-11pm. Guest speaker Penny Burbank.

Pride Fair June 29th and 30th, please volunteer for our booth.

Libertarian dinner at Tov Tofu in Santa Rosa on May 25th at 5pm.

Eric's court case challenging driver license requirements was dismissed.

Noted in the agenda, Political Roundtable at the Commonwealth Club on May 17th 11:30am is mentioned during speaker events.


Treasurer's Report

Les reports $3399 plus $85 in deposits.

Aubrey announces a new fund-raising plan called the Activity Fund. Donors can now earmark funds for special projects and can remain anonymous. Aubrey will keep track of money in the Activity Fund.

Marcy announces that donations can now be made from the website via Paypal.



Aubrey has been emailing and mailing registered Libertarians in San Francisco and received a very dismal response; out of 150 letters he only received two positive responses and one donation. Several ideas were presented and Aubrey is encouraged to continue his efforts.

Marcy asks for someone to learn the website administration as a backup.


Tax Day Event

Marcy reports on the success of the event. While the turnout was less than expected, we were still well received and learned more about outreach.

Dave Peters suggests we attend the San Francisco High School political party day.


Nullify NDAA Update

 Aubrey reports that language related to fines was removed but the bill AB351 is still moving forward.


Plan Bay Area

 Aubrey and Starchild report on the online town hall found at


Bay Area Mini Convention and Speaker Events

 Aubrey and Marcy have already opened communications with the East Bay LP parties.

For the dinner get together suggested by Aubrey, Dave suggested Harry's Hofbrau in San Jose, free room with dinner.

Starchild and Marcy discuss previous dinners.

Library has space we can use for a get together with or without snacks.

Eric and Starchild consider Ephemerisle style.

Aurbrey brings us back to guest speakers.

Starchild, Aubrey, Eric, and Denny consider picnics.

Starchild discusses Libertopia and the importance of networking with the other Bay Area liberty groups. He suggests we utilize the BA-Liberty Yahoo group for on-line communication.

Eric proposes a summer speaker series at Yerba Buena gardens on the third Sunday of each month starting with Starchild then Michael Edelstein. Maybe a local history professor.

To be continued!


LPSF Announcement List

Motion to amend bylaws "LPSF announcement list shall be used for any Libertarian events that either the LPSF officers or members appointed by the Chair shall post." Carries unanimously.