November 2018 Ballot Recommendations

These are our recommendations for the local + state measures on the November ballot.
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John Dennis

John Dennis for District 2 Supervisor
District 2 is the Presidio, Marina, Cow Hollow, parts of the Richmond (click here to find out your district)

The Libertarian Party of San Francisco has endorsed John Dennis at our August 2018 meeting. Read our interview with John Dennis and find out more at

Lisa Remmer

Lisa Remmer for Congress
California's 12th District, includes most of San Francisco (view map)

Although Lisa is not running as a Libertarian, she is a member of the Libertarian Party of San Francisco. She addressed our membership and we were generally happy to recommend her, especially over Nancy Pelosi. We cannot officially endorse Lisa Remmer because she is running as a Republican in a partisan race, but we think she is an obvious choice.

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Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water

Written by: 
Aubrey Freedman
Image source: Metrónomo, CC BY-SA 2.5, from Wikimedia Commons

Why do government bureaucrats often throw common sense out the window with inflexible, illogical rules?  A perfect example comes from Southern California where the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), which is the second largest in the nation, has started enforcing a policy it’s had for years but has largely been ignoring.  Now that enforcement began earlier this school year, parents are rightly up in arms.


Small Steps Toward Justice

Written by: 
Rebecca Lau

In September, Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1793, Cannabis convictions: resentencing. The bill amends Prop 64 (2016), the Adult Use of Marijuana Act and requires the state to erase or reduce prior sentences for marijuana possession. Assemblymember Rob Bonta, who sponsored the bill, stated “Long after paying their debt to society, people shouldn’t continue to face the collateral consequences, like being denied a job or housing, because they have an outdated conviction on their record.” AB 1793 lets people who committed victimless crimes move on with their lives.


How Millions of Voters Delude Themselves and Undermine Democracy

Written by: 
You'd think it would be more obvious to more people...

    It's kind of amazing that something so central to many of the issues we see and read and hear about in the news every day, something on which billions of dollars and countless hours of scheming by political "professionals" are expended every year, continues to be so widely misunderstood. Yes, that description can be applied to government itself, but here I'm simply talking about voting.


A Libertarian at City Hall?

Written by: 
Aubrey Freedman
John Dennis was officially endorsed by the Libertarian Party of San Francisco for District 2 Supervisor at our August meeting.

Could a man raised in the densest Democratic county in America and now living in the bluest city in the country end up becoming Libertarians’ best chance to get a real freedom-loving politician into San Francisco City Hall?  Unlikely as it seems, yes, it’s actually possible this November. The lone Republican candidate for District 2 Supervisor, John Dennis is waging an enthusiastic campaign this fall to get a seat at the table. District 2, which covers primarily the Marina District, Pacific Heights, and Cow Hollow, is undeniably the wealthiest district in The City and probably the most conservative.