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  • The Mini-Panic Over SF Shoplifting

    Screen shot from a notorious video of a shoplifting incident at an SF Walgreens outlet taken June 14, 2021.

    Since Chesa Boudin was narrowly elected (with the LPSF's support!) as San Francisco district attorney in November 2019 over the mayor's interim DA appointee Suzy Loftus, who was heavily backed by the San Francisco Police Officers Association (SFPOA) and other law enforcement interests, there have been plenty of folks unhappy with that outcome.

  • A vaccine mandate hides an ID mandate

    Not everything is as it seems in the San Francisco Public Health Department's vaccine mandate.

    [NOTE: The author will be the guest speaker at November's LPSF meeting!]

    By Edward Hasbrouck

    (Reprinted from

    As we have long feared, and as has already happened in other countries, COVID-19 vaccination requirements are being used to impose unrelated ID requirements.

    There’s a difference between “unvaccinated” and “undocumented” — a difference that’s  gotten lost in some recent regulations and orders imposing “vaccination mandates”.

    Case in point: the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

  • Go ahead and engage in vote-buying, just don't be hypocrites

    I heard the same thing about the controversial new Georgia voting law (the "Election Integrity Act of 2021") that most of you probably have – that it criminalizes giving water to people waiting in line to vote. That part is what many in the media seem to want to focus on. Taken out of context, it definitely sounds like the GOP carrying vote suppression to an utterly petty level.

    Then I read what that part of the legislation, which applies within 150 feet of a polling place or within 25 feet of any voter at a polling place, actually says:

  • Yahoo! Groups --> Self-Hosted Discourse Forum

    We migrated our Yahoo! Group to a self-hosted Discourse! Almost 40,000 posts were imported, and user accounts were created for the group's existing subscribers.

    The forum and your preferences can be accessed at or via mobile apps.

    --> If you have an account, you can also reply to a post or start a new topic by emailing [email protected] or [email protected] .

    Discourse is heavily customizable, so if it's not working the way you want, login and change your settings, or let me know.

  • November 2020 Ballot Recommendations

    Proposition ANO. This $960 million bond measure (the estimated cost to taxpayers of borrowing $487.5 million after all the interest and costs are paid) promises everything but the kitchen sink. Prop. A would supposedly fund "investments" (the Voter Information Pamphlet's biased language) in "supportive housing facilities", shelters, parks, recreation facilities, facilities for "persons experiencing mental health challenges", streets, etc. All things that could be paid for out of the city government's $13.7 billion regular budget (a budget larger than those of many states and even most countries!).

  • March 3, 2020 Ballot Recommendations

                Longtime freedom-oriented observers of politics in the City by the Bay won’t be greatly surprised that exactly none of the local measures on the March 3 ballot are worth supporting. The Libertarian Party of San Francisco recommends voting NO on all five. Here’s some brief thoughts on why:


    Proposition A – $845 million City College “Job Training, Repair and Earthquake Safety” bond

    According to a faculty union representing teachers at City College, spending on administration has grown to comprise 10% of the school’s personnel costs, up from 7% just five years ago.

  • Sympathy for the Sausage Makers

          Politicians and bureaucrats certainly give people plenty of good reasons to hate them, but from time to time you have to sympathize with them, because in their power-addiction, serving as cogs in the leviathan they have created, they victimize themselves too.

          Just because they are oppressing us from the top of the pyramid doesn't mean that most of the individuals running government necessarily have a good quality of life. I don't think most people would actually enjoy doing their jobs. They may have power, but the daily grind of exercising it, cranking out the sausage on a day-to-day basis, can't be very enjoyable for most of them. They're like junkies who keep chasing after that power fix even though it's destroying their lives.

  • November 2019 Ballot Recommendations

    A B C D E F


    District Attorney: Chesa Boudin, endorsed on October 12 by the LPSF

    The most criminal justice reform oriented candidate for district attorney, and the only one who has a background of trying to keep people out of jail rather than trying to lock them up, Chesa Boudin wants to end money bail, mass incarceration, the "War on Drugs", and the criminalization of sex work. Find out more about Chesa at



    NO on A - Affordable Housing Bond
    Issues $600M in bonds (repaid by property taxes) to fund "affordable housing" programs which don't work. This will end up costing taxpayers $1.5B and puts more power in the hands of government without solving the underlying cause of high housing costs in San Francisco-- artificially short supply.