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  • Conscription Watch

    Like the blob, beware the rollout of CleanPowerSF (CPSF)! It’s coming to your neighborhood soon. Recently service was rolled out to 7,400 commercial customers in the Bayview, Haight, and Castro neighborhoods, and they just added in residents in districts 5 and 8. There is another major rollout planned for this spring.

  • The Legacy of Cronyism

    Cronyism is alive and well in San Francisco. Fourteen months have passed since San Francisco voters passed Prop J, the establishment of a Legacy Business Historic Preservation Fund. This is a government-sponsored and financial grant (giveaway) program cooked up by then-Supervisor David Campos to “help” San Francisco businesses keep their doors open with the high cost of doing business in The City. We recently checked the San Francisco Office of Small Business website, which lists all the companies that have been approved for “Legacy” status, and already 64 businesses qualify for the grant program. The bureaucrats certainly wasted no time acting like Santa Claus.

  • Teaching Intolerance

    Three recent articles in the San Francisco Examiner point to a disturbing trend in The City.  While it’s understood that the Bay Area leans left and the Examiner has gone completely leftist, nevertheless we see some new lows.

  • The Aftermath & Mae West

    While the final official vote counts are not all in yet, it’s still a bit of a disappointment for us Libertarians that our Presidential candidates did not fare as well as hoped in this zany election year.  At the latest count though, the Johnson-Weld ticket pulled in 4,429,013 votes this time (3.29%).  While drastically smaller than the 10% polling touted earlier in the year, still 4.4 million votes is nothing to sneeze at.  While we know that some voters chose the Libertarian ticket because of how bad the major party candidates were and will probably vote major party the next time, hopefully a significant number will stick with the liberty movement and vote their conscience again in future elections.  Meanwhile Johnson did pull


    Julian Assange, founder and editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks spoke via live feed before the Green Party’s National Convention on August 6, and once again helped us understand the nature of government – there is a lot that is challenging.  In particular, during this presidential election, choosing between the two main candidates, Assange says, is like choosing between cholera and gonorrhea. 

    "The nearest thing to eternal life we will ever see on this earth is a government program," said Ronald Reagan.  Once established, regardless of the changing world around it and regardless of how many times it changes its official name, a government program is like The Blob – you can’t kill it. 

    As elsewhere, here in San Francisco hundreds of programs obliviously forge ahead, clash with one another, and contribute to the City’s eye-popping $9.6 billion budget. We offer some observations which you might find of interest:

    Turning our attention to what is good often replenishes our strength to continue finding ways to counter what is bad.  In this spirit, we offer 4 Good Things – 4 events representing ordinary people getting together with neighbors and friends to present solutions to challenges: