January - July 2018: What We've Accomplished | Libertarian Party of San Francisco

January - July 2018: What We've Accomplished


We've really accomplished a lot in the first half of this year! Thank you everyone who continues to put in the time and energy to fight for liberty in San Francisco! It's an uphill battle, and sometimes it doesn't feel so rewarding, but it's important work that wouldn't happen without our amazing activists and volunteers.

So, take a few minutes to reflect on the first half of this year and ask yourself: how can we make the rest of the year even better??

If you're reading this now and you're not yet a member-- why not? Your $25 annual membership sends a clear sign that you stand on principle and want to see real change. Please consider becoming a member today. We hope to see you.

For the rest of you, this would be a great time to make a donation to help make the rest of this year and 2019 even bigger and better!