5 Practices For Being An Effective Libertarian Activist | Libertarian Party of San Francisco

5 Practices For Being An Effective Libertarian Activist

     Here are a few insights I've found in my time as a libertarian (pro-freedom) activist which I consider valuable and thought I'd share in the hope that others may find them useful...

• If you find yourself debating or arguing with someone (in person, online, or wherever) whose stance in the conversation is more pro-freedom on the particular topic or issue being discussed than yours, change the topic or leave the conversation. If you want to debate that issue, go find another conversation in which the person or people you're debating are less pro-freedom on it than you are. In this way, you can ensure that your advocacy is on the side of freedom, not against it.

• Think about your life in broad terms and consider what you can do to share libertarian ideas and advance the cause of freedom. What talents or connections do you have that you can share with the freedom movement which would be helpful in spreading the message?

• Ask yourself where in your life you can make a difference in terms of influencing where money goes (your own or others') and how that spending could be altered to create a more positive outcome for freedom, whether it is directing resources toward businesses, organizations and individuals that support or are beneficial to the cause, or withdrawing resources from those that don't/aren't. Make preparations to also seek a more positive outcome for freedom for whatever resources you expect to leave behind when you skip off this mortal coil, especially if they are significant and you expect to do so in the not distant future.

• For each libertarian (pro-freedom) organization you are part of, strive to spend at least as much time communicating with your colleagues in the organization about freedom, philosophy, activism/outreach outside the organization, and events in the world, as you do communicating with them about the politics or operations of the organization itself or interpersonal conflicts/issues that arise – this will not only keep your own efforts focused on actually advancing freedom, but help keep our movement's groups focused on that purpose as well.

• Keep some libertarian (pro-freedom) materials (e.g. literature, stickers, rubber stamps, buttons, petitions to sign, Nolan Chart cards, etc.) with you as often as possible, and as you go about your day, be on the lookout for places to distribute these materials and opportunities to share them with people.

     Be creative in thinking about the opportunities to help freedom that may exist for you within each of these bullet points, and may the Non-initiation of Force be with you!   :-)