SERGIO KLOR DE ALVA WILL BE MISSED | Libertarian Party of San Francisco


The Libertarian Party of San Francisco lost a friend.  Sergio Klor de Alva, an enthusiastic and affable 24-year old already a veteran of political campaigns of several local office holders, was killed in a car accident on April 26.  Several of us at the LPSF had the pleasure of knowing Sergio, and were uniformly impressed not only by his efficiency but also by his friendliness. 

At the time of his death, Sergio was the campaign coordinator of Joel Engardio’s Board of Supervisor’s campaign.  Engardio had the sad task of advising those of us involved with Sergio’s campaign work of the tragedy.  He said, “I’m devastated to announce that Sergio Klor de Alva, our campaign coordinator, was killed early Tuesday morning in a car accident.  This is a tragic loss for me personally and for our campaign.”

Indeed, a loss for all who knew Sergio.  Friendship crosses political and partisanship boundaries.  Our heartfelt sympathy goes to his family.