MARC ALLAN FELDMAN: "THAT LIBERTARIAN" | Libertarian Party of San Francisco


The Libertarian Party lost one of its own today, Dr. Marc Allan Feldman, 2016 LP presidential candidate. Marc’s “No Votes for Sale” campaign exemplified what all campaigns should be like. His closing speech at the LP convention in Orlando in May 2016 gave us a picture of what a “Libertarian” should be.

We are trying, Marc.  We will keep trying to be what you described in your epic "I am that Libertarian" speech in Orlando. 

     What you want to be Libertarians
      Anarchist no apologies success freedom Ninjas world class bad-ass Libertarians
      No pain no gain get those petitions signed in the rain Libertarians
      Sorry I’m not sorry Libertarians
      No excuse Libertarians 

Rest in peace, our friend.