Primary Elections June 2012 | Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Primary Elections June 2012


Elections Update: 


Local Measure A - Garbage Collection and Disposal:  Folks in San Francisco chose to stay with Recology, possibly because "If you love MUNI, you will love a City-owned Waste Management Center."

Local Measure B - Coit Tower Policy:   A close call, but the Yes votes won. 



We are always proud of Gail Lightfoot's efforts, since a third-party candidate wages an uphill battle against the established political machine.  Under the new Top-Two rules, it will be difficult for a third-party candidate to participate in the General Elections at all.

However, all is not lost, since libertarian (small "L") John Dennins (U.S. Representative District 12/California District 8) will be on the November ballot . 


Primary Elections are June 5, 2012.  Be informed, and make your voice heard.


There are only two local ballot measures; here is a brief summary of each, and our recommendation.


Proposition A:  This ordinance makes changes to how the City contracts for and regulates rates for garbage collection, recycling, waste reduction and disposal.  Now we have one company (Recology, local employee-owned company that has been providing the services for around 70 years), who owns the processing facilities, pays no franchise fees to the City, charges residential rates set by the City’s Rate Board, charges commercial rates generally based on rates established by the Rate Board but not regulated, and charges the City for servicing City property.  Proposition A would replace this system with a competitive bidding process that would require 1) the Board of Supervisors to award five separate agreements for five separate waste management services, 2) the City own the waste management  facilities (by purchasing existing facilities or by building new ones),  and  3) the companies awarded the bids pay franchise fees to the City.  The competitive bidding part of this ordinance, although convoluted, is a good thing libertarian-wise.  The requirement that the City own the facilities and that the Board of Supervisors award the contracts not so much.  Based on the con part, the Libertarian Party of San Francisco recommends a NO vote.


Proposition B:  This proposal aims to provide dedicated funding for the maintenance of Coit Tower, its historic murals, and its surrounding park.  Now the Recreation and Park Department manages Coit Tower and its park, the Arts Commission maintains the murals, a private company runs a concession and manages special events at the Tower, and money generated by the private concession can be used for any City purpose but generally goes to the Recreation and Park Department.   This proposition seeks to,  1) strictly limit commercial activities and private events at Coit Tower, and 2) use money generated by the private concession solely to maintain the Tower, its murals, and its park.  Although from a Libertarian point of view he who makes the money should keep the money, it is important that the private concession make decisions without restrictions (other than common sense ones); therefore, the Libertarian Party of San Francisco recommends a NO vote.


Libertarian Party candidates are scarce in this Primary race.  The major candidates are,

Presidential Candidate Nominated by the Libertarian Party:  Gary Johnson

United States Senator:  Gail K. Lightfoot


There are times when non-Libertarians  earn the respect of Libertarians for their consistent fight for smaller government, fiscal responsibility, individual liberties, and a non-interventionist foreign policy.  Two such individuals whom the Libertarian Party of San Francisco salutes and supports in this Primary Election are Ron Paul and John Dennis, both Republicans.  As a 2008 and 2012 Presidential Candidate, Ron Paul has been a game changer, opening the general public’s eyes to the corrosive power of big government.  John Dennis, a local entrepreneur, is on his second campaign to defeat Nancy Pelosi in California’s 8th Congressional District.  John Dennis’ courage in running as, to quote him, “an anti-war Republican” is legendary!