WHAT YOU COULD DO TO PROMOTE LIBERTY | Libertarian Party of San Francisco


What secret sauce could be used to entice San Francisco voters to try libertarianism? Libertarians consider this a challenging recipe, since the City is a bastion of progressive politics. However, as a third party, forever battling the Twin Goliaths, we are no stranger to challenge.

Therefore, LPSF is continuing the outreach campaign started in earnest last November, as well as the deployment of activists to Town Halls and Board of Supervisor meetings to face City leaders on subject such as Plan Bay Area, the City budget, and gun control. We continue to staff booths, attend events, and promote other libertarian individuals and groups.

We are hoping to convince a larger portion of our electorate that protecting individual liberties and bringing prosperity via private resourcefulness will produce better results than keeping so many so tied to the whims of government largess. The Big Government paradigm fed to the populace can only result in eventual total dependence. We are confident that Libertarians are not the only folks figuring this out! Given the tremendous increase in voters who indicate “No Party Preference,” it would appear to us that the strength of the Twin Goliaths might be waning.

To better acquaint the general public with the benefits of libertarianism, we need you to help us. Please consider attending one of our monthly meetings or after-meeting socials (click Meetings on our Main Menu for information); join our Discussion List and give us your input and ideas (click Discussion List on the banner above); e-mail us to receive more information about libertarianism or the Libertarian Party (click Contact Us); support our efforts by contributing to our newly established Activity Fund (click Contact Us for where to send your donation); and/or join us as a Member (click Join/Renew on the banner to fill out a membership application).

If you are already a member of another Bay Area small-government group, advise us of your efforts. Coalitions are force multipliers!