PRIDE 2013, AND LIBERTARIANS WERE THERE! | Libertarian Party of San Francisco


Another Pride Celebration has just gone by and we were there.  A collaboration of Outright Libertarians, Golden Gate Liberty rEVOLution, The Libertarian Party of San Francisco, and The Libertarian Party of Alameda made our exhibitor booth happen.  We are grateful for the hundreds of visitors who stopped by our booth, to take the Word’s Smallest Political Quiz, to browse or collect literature, to rummage the display basket for buttons and stickers (the favorite button by far was Rosie the Riveter appropriated to deliver the libertarian message “Tax this!”), and most importantly to talk to us.  Some stopped by just to say hello; some to ask questions, accompanied by puzzled looks as to who we were;  yet others to share concerns about unequal treatment of families, education, jobs.  We welcomed the opportunity to listen, and often to battle the stranglehold of a government posing as the sole provider of personal well being.  Interestingly, on the plus side, we all agreed that this year there were more stickers on the libertarian quadrant of the of the World Smallest Political Quiz!