HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEDY LAMARR | Libertarian Party of San Francisco


HedyLamarrNovember 9 celebrates the birthday of Hedy Lamarr. By all accounts, the most beautiful woman in the world, as well as one of the smartest. History has it her day job was actress, and her after-hours contribution to science was technology not only capable of scrambling enemy frequencies but also morphing as the precursor of today’s wireless gadgets. If you have not seen Hedy Lamarr’s ground breaking film, Ecstasy, you should – a good example of libertarianism trying to survive in a controlling world. If you work to rid the world of senseless war, as most Libertarians do, but acknowledge that there are adversaries out there, you might be interested in Hedy Lamarr’s frequency hopping as she and co-inventor George Antheil furthered existing concepts in an effort to confound the Nazi's in WWII.  Happy birthday, Hedy.