PANEL DISCUSSION: GETTING WHERE WE WANT TO GO | Libertarian Party of San Francisco


roadWhether you are a long-time San Francisco resident, a new arrival, or are planning to take a job in the City, you will need to figure how to get around.  If you live and work in the City, is MUNI reliable, or is there parking if you choose to drive?  If you commute, are highways chocked with traffic, or Caltrain slow as molasses?  Will you be able to drop off your kids at school or daycare, and still get to work on time?  How about the cost of your transportation?  Are those bonds that were going to “fix MUNI” “without any increase in property taxes!” performing as advertised?

Then there are questions of costs beyond dollars and cents.  Do costs include loss of local control when regional bureaucrats take over how you travel?  How about transportation equity between low-income riders who mostly ride buses, and more financially comfortable riders who tend to use rail such as BART?  Transportation consultant Thomas A. Rubin has studied, testified, proselytized on statistics showing that high-cost – and therefore, highly subsidized – rail transit tends to cause the starvation of lower-cost bus transit. 

Where politicians have decided to make housing for many more thousands new residents the topic du jour, thoughts of how everyone will get around take a back seat, unless riders learn the facts and demand cost-effective, efficient, equitable transit service.

Thomas Rubin will be one of the panelists at the panel discussion hosted by the Libertarian Party of San Francisco.  The other distinguished panelist will be Gerald Cauthen, who has fought long and hard to improve MUNI and increase public input in policy making (see previous article I-280 Traffic Barreling Down Your Street? for a revealing quote by Cauthen).  Please join us.

3rd Annual Panel Discussion
Bay Area Growth and Transportation: Getting Where We Want to Go
April 10, 2016   1:30 – 3:30 pm
Noe Valley Library Community Room – 451 Jersey St., San Francisco

Update 04/11/16:  Thank you to our panelists, moderator, and audience for a most
lively and informative event.  We at the Libertarian Party of San Francisco hope
to see you all again next year for the 4th Annual Panel Discussion!