The Libertarian Party of San Francisco meets for official business on the second Saturday of each month, from 3 to 5 p.m.  Most of these meetings are held at the San Francisco Main Library at 100 Larkin, just outside the Civic Center BART/Muni station on Market Street.  We announce the location of each meeting on the front page of our website and on our Announcements (you can subscribe to our Announcements List by clicking the link on the front page).


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A social hour follows from 5 to 6 p.m. at a local establishment (arrive before 5 to walk there with us).  Visitors are welcome to call or drop in and join us for the business meeting and/or the social hour.

The Libertarian Party of San Francisco holds its business meeting on the second Saturday of every month.  The next meeting will be on Saturday, February 13, 2016, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm, San Francisco Main Library, 100 Larkin Street, 4th Floor Conference Room.  Click Meetings on the Main Menu to read the meeting agenda.  After the business meeting, those who can, go out to dinner at a nearby restaurant.  All are welcome to attend the business meeting (the work part) and/or the after-meeting social (the fun part).  One of the main discussion items at this meeting will be ballot measures on the June 2016 ballot.

Libertarian Party of San Francisco Agenda:  Saturday, February 13, 2016
Meeting Location:  San Francisco Main Library – 4th Floor Conference Room

Welcome – Introductions 3:05-3:10
Activist Reports – Past & Future 3:11-3:35
Announcements 3:36-4:00
Membership/Newsletter Report 4:01-4:05
Treasurer’s Report 4:06-4:10
Transportation Panel Discussion (Sunday, April 10) 4:11-4:20
Pride (June 25-26) 4:21-4:25
Ballot Measure Arguments (due March 17) 4:26-5:00
Libertarian Party of San Francisco Minutes of Meeting of January 09, 2016, San Francisco Main Library, 4th Floor Conference Room, San Francisco

Attendance: Aubrey Freedman (Chair), Les Mangus (Treasurer), Francoise Fielding, Jawj Greenwald (late), Phil Berg (late), Richard Fast (visitor), Bob (visitor), Randy (visitor)

3pm meeting started

Aubrey Freedman moved to re-elect Les Mangus as treasurer. Motion carried.

Aubrey Freedman offered to serve another term as Chair. Unanimous agreement.

Aubrey Freedman moved to elect Phil as Vice Chair and Social Director. Motion carried. As his first task, Phil offered to explore new venues for our meetings, possibly restaurant(s), preferably with beer/wine.

Aubrey Freedman moved to elect Jawj as secretary, in name only. Motion carried.

Membership Report: 21 dues-paying members and 19 life-time members. 2,965 registered.

Treasurer's Report: Jan. 1 started at $3,211 Dec. 31 ended with $4,491

Aubrey Freedman moved to host an LP booth during the SF Pride parade. Motion carried.

Transportation Panel Discussion on April 10, 2016:  Aubrey reported that he is very close to having transportation experts Tom Rubin and Jerry Cauthen fully committed to be our panelists.

5pm meeting adjourned  

Minutes written by:

Richard Fast ("Ricardo")
Loyola University New Orleans
2016 Secretary, Orleans Parish Libertarian Party
504-509-0521 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Minutes of Meeting, November 14, 2015
Written by Jawj Greenwald

Libertarian Party of San Francisco Minutes of Meeting of November 14, 2015. San Francisco Main Library, 4th Floor Conference Room, San Francisco.

Present: Marcy Berry (Vice Chair), Aubrey Freedman (Chair), Zack Goldfine, Jawj Greenwald, Mark Kruss, Les Mangus (Treasurer), Cliff Nelson, Kent Polkinghorne, Martine Siniawski, Starchild

Activist Reports:  We reported what we’d done to strike blows for freedom since the last meeting.  Following our November election campaign, we had a quieter month and turned to local neighborly concerns.  Marcy joined her Sunset District Neighborhood Watch and a “Resilient Sunset” emergency response group. She also recorded a reminder for a local podcast to remember the self-employed in discussion of effects of economic policy. Zack spoke at an “Enough is Enough” rally and is hosting an ethics summit in conjunction with his ‘Represent Us’ political action group.  Cliff talked to a colleague about Murrary Rothbard and lent him a tape to listen to on his commute.  Francoise is also active on her neighborhood emergency response team.  Aubrey connected with a local small property owner’s group, attending a meeting with 200 others.  He also gave public comment at a Rent Board meeting to discuss proposals to expand rent control rules governing leases.

Announcements:  The Golden Gate Liberty Revolution monthly meeting is November 16.  The Students for Liberty Northern California Conference is November 21. Jim Elwood’s Free Exchange meets November 21 (speaker John Chisholm), and December 5 (speaker Carol Ruth Silver).  For current and detailed listings of local libertarian events, see the LPSF website.

Membership/Newsletter: Aubrey reported that the LPSF has 19 current annual members and 20 life members.  He plans to expand his monthly newsletter emailing, in the hopes of eventually reaching a circulation of 500.  It continues to be well received.

Treasurer’s Report: Les reported that we now have $4,050.67 in the bank.  He has taken over management of the PayPal account, which currently brings in $169 per month.

November Election Wrapup:  Aubrey reviewed detailed Dept. of Elections results for the November Election.  Our election efforts included the ballot arguments (funded by special donations) and spending of $1300, used among other things for ads giving our endorsements in the student newspapers of City College and SF State, a Facebook ad (pay-as-you-go for each click), and two postcard mailings of 1900 cards (of which 4% were returned as undeliverable).  For this election there were just under 3000 registered libertarians.  This represents .66% of voters (compared to 16% for the Republicans), and is spread fairly evenly over the city, with a high of .81% in the Marina.   Transportation Event. We voted (For 5, Against 1) that as our 2016 “Tax Day” event we have a panel discussion on growth and transportation issues, as proposed by Aubrey and Marcy.   This has been tentatively scheduled for April 10th, from 1:30 to 3:30 in the Noe Valley Library.  Tom Rubin, a transportation expert with a Libertarian bent, has been asked, and Aubrey and Marcy will recruit a supporter of public transportation for a contrasting view.   Affordable Housing Bonus Program:  Marcy Berry distributed an outline of current proposals for an affordable housing initiative in San Francisco, and urged us to keep abreast of the various proposals as they emerge and to support those that do not rely on taxpayer subsidy. 
Libertarian Party of San Francisco Agenda:  Saturday, January 9, 2016
Meeting Location:  San Francisco Main Library – 4th Floor Conference Room

Welcome – Introductions 3:05-3:10
Activist Reports – Past & Future 3:11-3:35
Announcements 3:36-3:55
Election of Officers 3:56-4:15
Membership/Newsletter Report 4:16-4:20
Treasurer’s Report 4:21-4:25
Transportation Panel Discussion (April 2016) 4:26-4:45
Pride 2016 4:46-5:00