The Libertarian Party of San Francisco meets for official business on the second Saturday of each month, from 3 to 5 p.m.  Most of these meetings are held at the San Francisco Main Library at 100 Larkin, just outside the Civic Center BART/Muni station on Market Street.  We announce the location of each meeting on the front page of our website and on our Announcements (you can subscribe to our Announcements List by clicking the link on the front page).


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A social hour follows from 5 to 6 p.m. at a local establishment (arrive before 5 to walk there with us).  Visitors are welcome to call or drop in and join us for the business meeting and/or the social hour.

Agenda, Meeting of October 11, 2014

Libertarian Party of San Francisco Agenda:  Saturday, October 11, 2014

Meeting Location:  San Francisco Main Library – 4th Floor Conference Room


Welcome – Introductions 3:05-3:15

Activist Reports – Past & Future 3:16-3:30

Announcements 3:31-3:45

Gun Show Tabling Report 3:46-3:50

Dennis Kucinich Speaking Event 3:51-4:00

Membership Report 4:01-4:05

Website Report 4:06-4:15

Treasurer’s & Campaign Committee Reports 4:16-4:25

November Election Campaign 4:26-5:00

Minutes, Meeting of September 13, 2014

Minutes of the Libertarian Party of San Francisco, September 13, 2014

Meeting Location: San Francisco Main Library, First Floor Conference Room, San Francisco

Members present: Phil Berg, Marcy Berry (Vice Chair), Les Mangus (Treasurer), Starchild

Chair Aubrey Freedman was called out of town on an emergency; therefore, this meeting was chaired by Marcy. The meeting was informal and focused on a few decisions that needed to be made regarding support of candidates for the November elections.  Marcy gave background information on Flash Gordon, running for BART Board, and on Thomas Moyer, running for San Francisco Community College Board.   After discussion, it was decided that LPSF would endorse Flash Gordon, a Libertarian; and mention on the LPSF website Thomas Moyer, a Republican who exhibits fiscally conservative views.  As always, LPSF will support John Dennis, a Ron Paul Republican and long-time friend of LPSF.

Agenda, Meeting of September 13, 2014

Libertarian Party of San Francisco Agenda:  Saturday, September 13, 2014

Meeting Location:  San Francisco Main Library – 1st Floor (Mary Stong) Conference Room

Welcome – Introductions 3:05-3:15

Activist Reports – Past & Future 3:16-3:30

Announcements 3:31-3:45

Website Report 3:46-3:55

Treasurer’s & Campaign Committee Reports 3:56-4:00

November Election Campaign 4:01-5:00

Minutes of Meeting, August 9, 2014

Minutes of the Libertarian Party of San Francisco, August 9, 2014

Members Present:  Aubrey Freedman (Chair), Marcy Berry (Vice Chair), Les Mangus (Treasurer), Phil Berg, Starchild.

Guests:  Joe Reisinger and Vicki Reisinger

Activist Reports:  Aubrey obtained a CD from the Department of Elections containing information on registered Libertarians, and sent out 85 letters informing newly-registered Libertarians of the LPSF and its work; he read all the ballot propositions for the November elections in order to present a summary at the LPSF meeting; he attended the Yolo County Libertarian Party Leadership Conference on July 19.  Marcy also attended the Yolo County conference; she sent a letter to the San Francisco Supervisors challenging them on their proposal to form a Joint Power Authority to implement eminent domain in the seizure of underwater mortgages in San Francisco; she started posting on the LPSF website articles relating to the proposals on the November elections; she wrote to Libertarian Party Chair Nicholas Sarwark regarding the challenge “libertarian” Republicans are posing to the LP by confusing their brand of libertarianism with Libertarian principles – Mr. Sarwark responded immediately, indicating he is aware of the challenge, and plans to respond after the November elections.  Starchild is working on a letter that liberty-leaning organizations could use to obtain supporting signatures on issues espoused by other organizations in exchange for assurances of liberty-leaning behavior.

Announcements:  Golden Gate Liberty Revolution Monthly Meeting August 18, Moksha Life Center, 7:00 pm.  The Commonwealth Club presentation of Steve Forbes in “Fighting Threats to Our Money,” August 20, 6:00 pm.  Jim Elwood’s Free Exchange, September 6, Parkmerced.  Gun Show, September 13-14, Cow Palace.  For more details on upcoming events see “Bay Area Events” at

Membership Reports:  Has not changed since last month.

Website Reports:  Marcy advised of a schedule to place November elections information on the website.  She reported that although the campaign contribution button has been up on the website for several months now, no campaign contributions have come in. 

Treasurer’s report:  Bank balance in operating account is $3,273.77, $400 of which is allocated to reimburse Aubrey for his Pride 2014 expenses, leaving $2,873.77 available.  Balance in Campaign Committee account is $149.

Board of Supervisors Eminent Domain Proposal:  Marcy reported that none of the Supervisors responded to the LPSF email sent to them.  There has been no further publicized development on this proposal.

Gun Show:  Aubrey announced that Golden Gate Liberty Revolution will host a display table in conjunction with the Birch Society.  Volunteers to staff the table are needed.  Aubrey will volunteer on Saturday.  Marcy indicated she would be available if more volunteers are needed on Sunday.

November Elections Ballot Measures:  Aubrey presented a summary of all the measures, there was discussion on all of them, and members present voted Yes, No, or No Recommendation, as follows.  Most “NO” were unanimous, with the exceptions as noted below.  Pier 70 “YES” was qualified, since there was consensus that some development should take place in the area; however, this development is on government land (Port Authority) and development nowadays comes burdened with government regulation.  “YES” on Policy Regarding Transportation Priorities reflected LPSF being one of the endorsers.

A – San Francisco Transportation and Road Improvement Bond:  NO

B – Adjusting Transportation Funding for Population Growth Charter Amendment:  NO

C – Children’s Fund; Public Education and Enrichment Fund Charter Amendment: Children and Families Council; Rainy Day Reserve:  NO

D – Retiree Health Benefits for Former Redevelopment Agency and Successor Agency Employees Charter Amendment:  NO

E – Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Ordinance:  NO

F- Pier 70 [Development of residential buildings requiring voter-approved height limit and adjoining parks] Ordinance:  YES

G – Additional Transfer Tax on Residential Property Sold Within 5 Years of Purchase Ordinance:  NO

H – Golden Gate Park Athletic Fields Ordinance:  YES (3 yes; 2 abstain)

I – Renovation of Playgrounds, Walking Trails, and Athletic Fields Ordinance:  NO (3 no; 2 no recommendation).

J – Minimum Wage Increase Ordinance:  NO

K – Affordable Housing Declaration of Policy:  NO

L – Policy Regarding Transportation Priorities:  YES

Ballot Arguments:  Several LPSF members have written ballot arguments, which Aubrey will bring to the Department of Elections by the due date of Thursday, August 14, noon.  If time permits, additional arguments will be written.  Ballot argument writers are as follow:

A – Aubrey

B – Aubrey if time permits

C – Starchild

D – Les if time permits

E – Francoise

F.  No argument

G – Phil if time permits

H – No argument

I – Starchild if time permits

J – Les

K – Aubrey

L – No argument (other coalition members might submit an argument in favor)

Campaign Treasurer Les reported that if no money is involved, the LPSF can sign its ballot arguments “Libertarian Party of San Francisco,” rather than “San Francisco Libertarian Campaign Committee.”  Therefore, it was decided to sign the arguments as the LPSF.  Starchild indicated his preference for placing his own name on ballot arguments he writes in addition to that of LPSF, which is fine with LPSF.  He suggested that the more signers on arguments the better; it was decided that this suggestion would be considered for future elections, since it was too late to deal with that issue for the November elections.

Agenda, Meeting August 9, 2014

Libertarian Party of San Francisco Agenda:  Saturday, August 9, 2014

Meeting Location:  San Francisco Main Library – 4th Floor Conference Room


Welcome – Introductions 3:05-3:15

Activist Reports – Past & Future 3:16-3:30

Announcements 3:31-3:45

Membership Report 3:46-3:50

Website Report 3:51-3:55

Treasurer’s & Campaign Committee Reports 3:56-4:00

Eminent Domain Resolution/Ordinance Update 4:01-4:05

Gun Show September 13-14 4:06-4:10

November Election Ballot Measures 4:11-5:00