The Libertarian Party of San Francisco meets for official business on the second Saturday of each month, from 3 to 5 p.m.  Most of these meetings are held at the San Francisco Main Library at 100 Larkin, just outside the Civic Center BART/Muni station on Market Street.  We announce the location of each meeting on the front page of our website and on our Announcements (you can subscribe to our Announcements List by clicking the link on the front page).


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A social hour follows from 5 to 6 p.m. at a local establishment (arrive before 5 to walk there with us).  Visitors are welcome to call or drop in and join us for the business meeting and/or the social hour.

Minutes of the Libertarian Party of San Francisco, October 8, 2016, San Francisco Main Library, 4th Floor Conference Room
Written by Francoise Fielding

1. Welcome – Introductions

Members present: Aubrey Freedman (Chair), Les Mangus  (Treasurer), Françoise Fielding (recording), Marianne Haas  (who is sick and tired of the candidates from the two major parties and of hearing that Gary Johnson doesn’t stand a  chance),

Guests: Amanda Cavalieri (who may be moving here from  Colorado and wants to meet people to help her navigate new  surroundings), Nick Smith (who hasn’t been political until  recently, but says this campaign is something new and has  gotten him involved)    Late arrivals: Starchild (4 pm), Leo Miretsky (4:10 pm),  Phil Berg (4:50 pm), Angelo Valle (4:55 pm)

2. Activist Reports

 Marianne has been talking to people and telling them there is  a third alternative: Gary Johnson. She has started buying all  American made clothing. Les talks to people about voting  Libertarian and how bad Republicans are. Nick distributed 60  Gary Johnson door-hangers. He also organized a  Johnson/Weld watch party last month. Aubrey put out the  newsletter and has been writing up the Libertarian  position and reasoning on all the City propositions for our  website. This coming Thursday, Delta Sigma Theta sorority  is having a community event. Aubrey will be going to  represent the “against Prop A” position since we are the  official opponents on the ballot.  

3. Announcements

• 10th Annual Wine and Liberty Celebration, Sunday Oct. 9th from 1-4 pm at Westover Vineyards Winery- 34329 Palomares Rd, Castro Valley (hosted by Libertarian Party of Alameda)
• Rally for Gary Johnson campaign, Sunday Oct. 9th from 10-4:30 pm in Union Square. There will also be pro-Johnson events in Fremont and San José.
• Golden Gate Liberty Revolution, Monday Oct. 17th from 7-9 pm. Monthly meeting at the Patriot House- 2 Embarcadero Center. This used to be the Ron Paul meet-up that gathered at the Moksha Life Center.

4. Membership/Newsletter Report

The LPCA’s records are still messed up. Aubrey is working  with them to get things up to date.  Marianne’s membership form is lost so we will help her fill  out another. We have 20 Lifetime members (unchanged) and 23 Regular  members (down 1 from last month).  Aubrey got the newsletter out to 285 people.

5. Treasurer’s Report (Bank & PayPal)    We have $4,208.49 in the bank (up $300 from our last report  of Aug. 31st). We should be getting money back  ($746)  from the ballot argument we submitted that didn’t get printed  We wrote a letter to Dennis Herrera about the matter but have  not heard back yet.

6. CER Renewal

 For several years we have sent in $25 for a membership in  Californians for Electoral Reform. This year we decided  against it based on the idea that voting is generally voting to  spend other people’s money which is against our principles.  Also the envelope requesting renewal of our membership had  a return address with the word “Socialism” in it which we  didn’t care for.

7. Gary Johnson Campaign

There are three rallies tomorrow in the Bay area (see above)  Various members have been putting out Gary Johnson door- hangers. Aubrey says that George Phillies says some people  are doing stickers on people’s doors and that that might be  easier.  Françoise suggested that those stickers had better come off  easily or we will be antagonizing a lot of people.  Aubrey says we could do a Gary Johnson door-hanger/sticker event and go out to dinner afterwards. There hasn’t been a lot  of organization for this kind of thing.  There is an excellent article on our website about why voting  for Gary Johnson is not wasting your vote.

8. November Election Campaign (Ballot Measures)

 Aubrey has almost finished writing up the ballot measures for  the website and the pre-election postcard and advertising we  always do. At the last meeting we allocated $2,000 for this.  We always place ads in The Golden Gate Xpress (San  Francisco State)  for about $220 and the Guardsman (CCSF)  about ½ page for $150. Occasionally we put an ad in El  Reportero for about $300.

This time we decided not to put our recommendations on the  ballot propositions but to use instead a comparison of the Democratic, Libertarian and Republican positions showing where there is an overlap of the two major parties with the Libertarians and giving the links to our website and Facebook page. We looked at prices for ads in the Chronicle, the Examiner and the San Francisco Business Times but they are out of our price range. Other possibilities include: Castro Courier:  Castro, Upper Market, Corona Heights, Eureka Valley, Duboce Triangle (94114, 94102*) Central City Extra: Civic Center, South of Market*, Tenderloin (94102, 94103, 94109) El Tecolote: Mission District (English/Spanish), Excelsior, Bernal Heights*, Noe Valley, Potrero Hill (94102, 94107, 94110, 94112, 94114) HATCH Beat: Hayes Valley, Alamo Square, NoPa, Haight Ashbury, Lower Haight and Cole Valley (94117 and 94102) Ingleside-Excelsior Light: Ingleside Terrace, Westwood Park, Ingleside, Oceanview, Merced Heights, Crocker Amazon, Excelsior and Sunnyside (94127, 94112*, 94132*) Marina Times: The Marina, Cow Hollow, Pacific Heights, Fort Mason, The Presidio, Russian Hill, and North Beach (94123, 94109, 94133) New Fillmore: Pacific Heights, the Fillmore and Japantown (94115, 94109*, 94123*) Noe Valley Voice: Noe Valley area (94131, 94114, 94110*) Potrero View: Potrero Hill, Dogpatch, Mission Bay and SOMA (94107) Richmond Review: Presidio & Masonic Avenues to the Pacific Ocean, Golden Gate Park to the Presidio, Sea Cliff (94118, 94121) San Francisco Bay View: Bayview District, Hunters Point, Visitacion Valley, Potrero Hill, OMI (94124, 94134*, 94107*, 94135, 94132, 94112) Sunset Beacon: Stanyan and Arguello Streets to the Pacific Ocean, Golden Gate Park to Sloat Boulevard (94122, 94116) Westside Observer: West Portal, St. Francis Wood, Twin Peaks, Westwood Park, Forest Hill, Parkside, Ingleside Terrace, Glen Park, Lakeside, Miraloma Park, Park Merced, Lake Merced, and the Outer Sunset (94127, 94131, 94132) West Portal Monthly: St. Francis Wood, Forest Hill, Lakeside, Diamond Heights, Ingleside Terrace, Parkside, Taraval and Miraloma Park. (94127, 94112*, 94116*, 94131*, 94132*)

Also and

Amanda suggested that “Meetup” groups can have a sponsor. So we could sponsor an appropriate meet-up. Amanda also suggested contacting and telling them that we want to share a message and asking them what they suggest. There was talk of using Twitter. It seems the LPSF has a Twitter account though we don’t know who owns it. We decided to do a combination of newspapers and meet-up groups.

We could put out a call for donations for this specific purpose.
Libertarian Party of San Francisco Agenda:  Saturday, October 8, 2016
Meeting Location:San Francisco Main Library – 4th Floor Conference Room

1. Welcome – Introductions 3:05-3:10
2. Activist Reports 3:11-3:35
3. Announcements 3:36-3:50
4. Membership/Newsletter Report 3:51-3:55
5. Treasurer’s Report (Bank & PayPal) 3:56-4:00
6. CER Renewal 4:01-4:05
7. Gary Johnson Campaign 4:06-4:30
8. November Election Campaign (Ballot Measures) 4:31-5:00
Libertarian Party of San Francisco Agenda:  Saturday, September 10, 2016
Meeting Location:  San Francisco Main Library – 1st Floor Conference Room
Time:  4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

1.Welcome – Introductions 4:00-4:05
2.Membership/Newsletter Report 4:06-4:10
3.Treasurer’s Report (Bank & PayPal) 4:11-4:15
4.November Election Promotion 4:16-4:25
5.November Election Ballot Measures 4:26-5:30
Libertarian Party of San Francisco Minutes of Meeting of August 13, 2016, San Francisco Main Library.

The meeting began late at 3:16. Members in attendance were:  Phil Berg, Les Mangus, Aubrey Freedman, Starchild, Michael Denny, and Ryan Porte. Ryan Porte requested that he be added to the LPSF Activist List.

Guests:  Nick Smith, Philip Chi, and Don Orndell.

Membership and Newsletter:  Still 20 Lifetime members, 23 Regular members paid and current.  250 people are receiving our newsletter.

Treasurer’s Report: $6,119.05 in the bank, up around $200.

Discussion about website tools: We agreed to provide Marcy with an editing tool that would cost about $45 per year, and to provide Marcy with some support in implementing any additional necessary tools. $500 or less was authorized to spend on service provider for fixing website image uploading and template problems (service quoted at $150), plus any additional unexpected problems provider might find.

Ballot Arguments for November 8, 2016:  Many ballot measures we previously considered for opposition were pre-empted by members of the Board of Supervisors, mostly Aaron Peskin. So Supervisors will be the official opposition on the pre-empted measures. Other measures LPSF considered were:

1)  Sugary Beverage Tax – Proposition V
- $.01 per oz tax
- Goes to General fund so only needs 51% to pass
- Tax paid by wholesaler
- Seems likely to pass, but noted by Ryan Porte that the tax in New York was eventually overruled as unconstitutional. Unclear about how it might connect to this measure.

2)  Real Estate Transfer Tax – Proposition W
-  Properties over $5 million
- Class Warfare

3)  BART Bond – Proposition RR
- $3.5 billion ($7 billion overall)
- District Tax
- Alameda County is running the campaign
- Not accepting input from non-Alameda Country voters
- We decided to sign on to an existing opposition document rather than submit one of our own.

4)  San Francisco Unified School District Bond – Proposition A
-  $1.5 billion including interest
-  5 years ago the SFUSD said that was their LAST bond. And here’s another one.
-  We agreed to submit an opposing argument for this measure.

5)  16 Year Old Vote – Proposition F
-  After some discussion we decided to not submit an argument.

6)  $19 million Tree Tax set-aside – Proposition E
- After some discussion decided not to submit an argument.

7)  Acquisition and Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing – Proposition C 
- Proposal is to utilize unused bond funds to fund loans to renovate concrete structure buildings used for “affordable housing” as well as acquire new buildings to be used for “affordable housing”.
- Agreed that unused bond money should be returned to the City treasury.

8)  Non-citizens voting for School Board elections – Proposition N
- Agreed it was a “Feel Good” measure.
- Complicated
- It would have to be a Paid Argument
- Will decide eventual position and will put on our postcard.  Will not submit an argument for the voters’ handbook.

9)  Dignity Fund – Proposition I
- Set-aside from General Fund for Seniors and Disabled
- Starts at $38 million, then to $44 million and then to $72 million
- We agreed to submit an argument on this measure

10)  Housing and Development Commission rule changes – Proposition M
-  New bureaucracy to oversee the Housing and Community Division
-  Transfer more appointments to the Supervisors
-  Shares more power with the Mayor.
- Decided to not submit an argument

11) Issue of Vacancy Appointments by executive branch – Proposition D
-  Normally the Mayor gets to appoint
- This would create a charter amendment to modify the policy so that a special election would have to be held if the appointee would be in the position for longer than 180 days.
-  We agreed not to submit an argument

We divided up the required work on writing ballot arguments among those who volunteered:
Starchild – Sugary Drinks
Phil Berg – Dignity Fund Set-Aside
Mike Denny – Real Estate Transfer Tax
Aubrey Freedman – School District Bond
Ryan Porte – Acquisition and Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing (argument: return Bond money rather than redeploy for loans and new building acquisition).

Meeting was adjourned at 5:10PM although discussion continued unofficially for some time after.

Submitted by Michael Denny
Libertarian Party of San Francisco Agenda:  Saturday, August 13, 2016
Meeting Location:  San Francisco Main Library – 4th Floor Conference Room

1.       Welcome – Introductions 3:05-3:10
2.       Membership/Newsletter Report 3:11-3:15
3.       Treasurer’s Report (Bank & PayPal) 3:16-3:20
4.       Website Update Report 2016 Report 3:21-3:30
5.       November Election Ballot Measures 3:31-5:00