Meeting of 9 May, 2020 | Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Meeting of 9 May, 2020

LPSF Monthly Meeting, May 9, 2020
(teleconference using – 425-436-6356 access code 155643#)
Chair:  Starchild
Vice Chair: Rebecca Lau
Secretary: Richard Fast
Treasurer/Webmaster:  Nick Smith
1.    Introductions  (5 min.)
2.    Reports (5 min.)
• Chair’s report
• Vice-Chair’s report
• Secretary’s report
• Treasurer’s report
• Webmaster report
3.     Activism sharing (10 min.)
4.    Guest speaker: Andrea Wood of California Family Advocacy (30 min.)
Andrea will be calling in to tell us about abuses of the Child Protective Services agency and the family courts, and her group’s efforts on behalf of children and families.
5.    Guest speaker: Ryan Munevar of Decriminalize California (30 min.)
Ryan will be calling in to bring us up to date on the fight to decriminalize the use of psychedelic mushrooms in California. Since Oakland’s city council voted to decriminalize them last June, an active effort has gotten underway to bring similar relief from the “War on Drugs” statewide.
6.    Mailbox update  (5 min.)
7.    Starchild for Assembly (5 min.)
8.    Covid-19 – Future protest plans? Adopt resolution? (15 min.)
9.     Bylaws discussion (15 min.)
10.  Thought-provoking closing quote:
“The art of politics is to always find a horrific, imminent problem, even where none exists.  Misdiagnose the problem, then apply the wrong solution.”
— H.L. Menken
Upcoming Events
There’s not too much on the local political calendar right now due to you-know-what, but Bay Area Libertarian Party groups are still meeting online, there’s an upcoming California LP executive committee meeting in Long Beach (or possibly online), and of course the party’s national presidential nominating convention which is currently up in the air but will happen one way or another…
Contra Costa LP monthly meeting – Tuesday May 12, 7pm
Check the CCLP meetup page for log-in or call-in info TBD:
Alameda County LP monthly meeting – Thursday May 14, 7pm
Check the ACLP meetup page for log-in or call-in info TBD:
Santa Clara LP online “Liberty & Coffee” meetup – Saturday May 16, 2-4pm
Log in via Zoom or call in at (669) 900-6833, meeting ID 833 4564 7018.
Libertarian Party national convention – mid-July?
The May 21-25 convention in Austin Texas has been cancelled due to the
Covid-19 situation. The Libertarian National Committee is looking at alternatives. A rescheduled convention in mid-July looks likely, but there might be a partial convention online before that. Check the national LP website for updates:
Libertarian Party of California state Executive Committee meeting –
June 13, Long Beach (or possibly online)
Check the state party website for updates: