Meeting of 13 March, 2010 | Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Meeting of 13 March, 2010

Jawj Greenwald

LPSF Agenda:  March 13, 2010




Meeting Starts


3:00 pm

Welcome and Introductions / New Agenda Items


3:05 pm




Officer Reports


3:15 pm

Treasurer: Marcy Berry for Les Mangus (excused till April)



Secretary: Jawj Greenwald - Approval of Minutes 02/13/10



Vice Chair: Ron Getty



Chair: Marcy Berry






Committee Reports


3:25 pm

Internet Communications/Social Networking: Rob Power



Initiatives/Ballot Measurers: Ron Getty



Membership: Marcy Berry



Outreach: Starchild








3:30 pm




Old Business



LPSF Business Cards: Ron Getty


3:40 pm

Phil Berg for Congress, Christina Tobin for SOS


3:50 pm

San Francisco Private Police: Visit from Ann Grogan


4:00 pm




New Business



LPSF Membership Dues


4:10 pm

LPCA Convention Report


4:20 pm

Determine interest on Resolution re: Convention Fees LNC/LPCA


4:30 pm

Determine interest on LPSF having a “Tax Protest”  April 15


4:45 pm

“LPSF Social Hour” - Who will commit to stay for socials


4:55 pm

If no one, should LPSF advertise socials differently?



“In-Meeting Activity” for next meeting 04/10/10


5:00 pm


Minutes of the LPSF Meeting of March 13, 2010



Members Present: Marcy Berry (Chair), Phil Berg, Michael Edelstein, Francoise Fielding, Ron Getty, Jawj Greenwald (Secretary), Rob Power, Richard Winger.


Non-members: Sheila Dean.


Officer’s Reports:

  • Treasurer:  Marcy Berry reported on last month’s lack of bank account activity.  The balance in the LPSF account remains $2,320.27.


  • Secretary: Jawj Greenwald had no report.

Review of the Minutes of the Meeting of February 13, 2010 was deferred until the next meeting to give members time to read them.


Committee Reports:

  • Initiatives/Ballot Measures: Ron Getty circulated a description of the seven initiative measures to appear on the June ballot.  They are

1.  New limitations on landlord pass-throughs of certain taxes and costs under rent control.

2.  Requirement for a police budget line item for costs of providing security for officials and dignitaries.

3.  Policy statement that a new state high speed rail site should be located where the current Transbay Terminal is.

4.  Bond measure to upgrade and earthquake proof police stations, fire stations, and certain water and infrastructure facilities.

5.  Reductions in health and pension benefits for future city employees.

6.  Creation of a Film Commission.

7.  Continuation of special parcel tax for the Unified School District.


  • Internet Communication/Social Networking:  Sheila Dean reported difficulty accessing the Discussion list.  Rob Power will add her.
  • Outreach: No report. Starchild was absent.


  • Membership: Marcy Berry reported that there were no new memberships or renewals this month.




Richard Winger discussed the campaign to defeat Proposition 14, “the top-two primary” measure on the June California ballot.   He reported efforts to challenge the current ballot label, which now reads “Elections.  Increases right to participate in primary elections,” and is not quite as neutral as official titles are meant to be.  He has given several recent interviews.  He circulated a 3-page letter to a California Congressional candidate providing detailed arguments “con” that we might want to use in our own letters and comments.


Rob Power distributed a sticker with his photo that he is using in his campaign for Secretary of the Libertarian National Committee.


Rob Power reported on efforts to ban a $49 charge to be a delegate to the national party.  A motion to endorse a national by-laws change to ban floor fees at the national convention was passed unanimously.


Old Business:


LPSF Business Cards. Rob Power volunteered to design a two-sided business card featuring the world’s smallest political quiz that we might use to promote the LPSF.  He will contact Sharon Harris of the Advocates to ask if we can use their quiz.  He will print an initial run of 250 cards, and will be provided or reimbursed for standard business card (10 per page) stock.


Campaigns. Marcy Berry updated us on Phil Berg’s and Christina Tobin’s campaigns and signature-gathering efforts.  Both gathered enough signatures to qualify as candidates, and Phil has an extra 30 to reduce his filing fee if they get counted.  Christina spoke to a national group of students against the drug war and to Fox News, among other interviews.  Her website is  Phil has recruited Sheila Dean as his campaign manager.  He hopes to raise enough money to pay her something.  The campaign’s initial focus is on fundraising, budget planning and recruitment of a campaign committee (although campaign laws allow him to raise $5000 without a committee).  Anyone interested in joining his committee should contact Phil at [email protected] or Sheila at [email protected]. Phil currently blogs at and Sheila at, and a campaign website is planned.  It was agreed that our postcard mailing with our ballot initiative recommendations should also mention Phil’s campaign.


The issue of whether the local party should contribute directly to campaigns from its limited funds was discussed.  A motion to allocate $500 to Phil Berg’s campaign failed (3-yes, 5-no).  Instead, members were invited to pledge as individuals to the campaign, and $250 was pledged on the spot.

San Francisco Patrol Special Police. Ann Grogan will come to our May meeting to discuss the role of the special police and how we might support them.  We will mention this visit in any postcard we mail with our ballot initiative recommendations.  We will try to get a list of businesses that have used them.


New Business:

LPSF Membership Dues. Marcy Berry discussed difficulty in getting prompt reimbursement from the Treasurer of the State party for our share of local member dues.  The possibility of having local members contribute specifically to the local party was considered.  It was agreed to change the form used for new members and to have them make checks out to the local LPSF, from which our Treasurer would forward the State party its share.


California LP Convention Report.  Phil Berg and Starchild went to the State convention.  There was a “big brou-ha-ha” over Matthew Barnes, a convicted child molester on the Executive Committee, that was resolved by allowing him to resign his post without expelling him from the party.  Wayne Root and Ernest Hancock had a debate; both are running for LNC Chair.  The national party convention will take place  over the Memorial Day weekend.

April 15 Tax Protest. Plans for a possible April 15 tax day protest were discussed.  We considered the merits of distributing our Million Dollar Bills at a BART station versus participating in some way at a scheduled Tea Party event at Justin Hermann Plaza.  Some expressed concern about associating ourselves with the organizers of this event.  It was tentatively decided not to sponsor a tax protest activity, however, because only two of the members present were available to participate.  Jawj Greenwald will contact Sally Zelikovsky of the Bay Area Patriots to find out what kind of participation, if any, the organizers would allow the LPSF at Justin Hermann Plaza.  LPSF members are urged to participate as individuals in any protest activity they wish.  Starchild will be asked to try to revive the SF Taxpayers’ Union and make its presence felt at tax protests.