Meeting of 11 June, 2011 | Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Meeting of 11 June, 2011

Jawj Greenwald

Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Agenda:  June 11, 2010

Meeting Location: Glen Park Public Library

Community Room

Meeting Starts                                                                                                                  3:00

Welcome & Introduction/New Agenda Items                                              :05          3:05


Officer Reports                                                                                                :10          3:15

Treasurer:  Les Mangus

Secretary:  Jawj Greenwald

Vice Chair:  Ron Getty

Chair:  Marcy Berry


Committee Reports                                                                                         :05          3:20

Internet /Social Networking

Initiatives/Ballot Measures:  R. Getty/A. Freedman

Membership:  Marcy Berry

Outreach:  Starchild


Political Candidates/Activists’ Report                                                   :10          3:40


Announcements                                                                                         :10          3:50


Old Business


Mailings to High Schools Project:  Rob Power                                      :15          4:05


Literature for distribution:  Marcy Berry                                                     :10          4:15


New Business

LPSF Support for Pension Reform:

Proposal by Mike Denny and Sarosh Kumana                                      :30          4:45


LPSF Support for other Ballot Measures                                                :15          5:00

Minutes of the LPSF Meeting of June 11, 2011


Members Present: Tony Adams, Phil Berg, Marcy Berry (Chair), Mike Denny, Aubrey Freedman, Jawj  Greenwald (Secretary),   Les Magnus (Treasurer), Rob Power.


Guests:  Ann Grogan, Mike Minton


Officers’ Reports:


Chair:  No report

Vice Chair: No report

Treasurer: Les Magnus reported that the LPSF has $5079.20, unchanged from April and May.

Secretary: In the Secretary’s absence, Ron Getty’s notes of the May meeting were posted online.


Committee Reports:


Internet Communications/Social Networking: Rob Power will remain our webmaster until replaced, serving from New York City.  Marcy Berry noted that Rob Power and Starchild had each posted an interesting article on the website this month.  The new polling feature give the site traction and added interest.  People are urged to submit questions for the poll.  The current one asks how the government is doing in solving our problems, and the 7 replies so far are unanimous that’s it not too good.


Initiatives/Ballot Measures:  We reviewed the timetable for submitting arguments (both paid and unpaid) for the November 8 ballot and the likely ballot measures.  In addition to multiple measures on pension reform and one banning circumcision of minors, there will likely be various bond measures (including one for sewer work).  Initiative measures must be submitted by July 11, in time to be considered at our next meeting, while bond measures, charter amendments and regular ordinances of the Board of Supervisors must be submitted July 29 or August 5.  The final ballot measures will be reviewable on August 15 and arguments pro and con must be submitted by August 18 to be considered for the lottery for free arguments (the deadline for paid arguments is much later).  This short fuse means that the Executive Committee will need to approve arguments on the late-breaking measures.  We should all keep our ears close to the ground to learn about potential ballot measures as early as possible.   As in past years, we will solicit contributions to pay for arguments we wish to publish if we don’t succeed in the lottery for free arguments.  See below for further discussion of the pension measure.  Decisions on other ballot arguments will be made at our July meeting.


Membership: There were no new or renewed memberships this month.

Outreach: No report.

Political Candidates’/Activism Reports: Marcy Berry reported that she and Aubrey Freedman, Starchild, Les Mangus and Terry Floyd of the East Bay had attended a high school political party presentation event in Richmond.   Tony Adams discussed his involvement with the Kip organization charter school movement, recruited by his son who works professionally with the group.



Californians for Electoral Reform is holding its annual meeting in Oakland at the Cesar Chavez branch of the Oakland public library on Saturday June 18 from 1:30 to 4:30 pm.



Old Business:


Distribution of Literature to Local High Schools Update. Rob Power handed over 76 CDs together with cover letter ready for mailing to local high school civics teachers.  The CD contains various libertarian-leaning materials for classroom use: Cato Institute materials on the Constitution, the “I, Pencil” pamphlet on how economic liberty and free markets operate, some ISIL pamphlets, a video on the philosophy of liberty, and the world’s smallest political quiz.  Marcy Berry will arrange the mailing, which will go to all San Francisco high schools addressed to their civics teachers by title unless Starchild is able to produce actual names before the mailing date.


Literature for Distribution at Outreach Events. Marcy Berry has finalized and stocked up with three pieces of literature for use at the Pride Booth and other outreach events:  Make Acree’s gay rights flyer, and two colorful well-designed philosophy of liberty flyers adapted from materials of two defunct LP groups using our local content.  The booth will also feature stickers designed by Marcy and an Outright Libertarian pamphlet.


Pride Booth Plans.  We discussed logistics and plans for the Pride Booth, which in recent years has been outside the Graham Auditorium.  Marcy Berry and Aubrey Freedman will be there all weekend.  All other members are urged to join them for at least part of the weekend of June 25/26.  Rob Power produced a new laminated grid for showing results of the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.


New Business:


Pension Reform Ballot Argument. Mike Denny proposed that we draft a ballot argument in favor of Adachi’s pension reform measure on the November ballot (the more far-reaching of two competing reform measures likely to appear).  He circulated a few ideas from Sarosh Kumana, who has offered to pay the publication costs, suggesting we support the Adachi measure as a step in the right direction while making it clear that we would prefer more drastic reforms.   It was agreed that Mike would prepare a draft for consideration at the July meeting, soliciting whatever imput he wishes from others.