Meeting of 14 May, 2011 | Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Meeting of 14 May, 2011

Ron Getty

Libertarian Party of San Francisco Agenda:  May 14, 2011

Meeting Location:  4th Floor Conference Room,

San Francisco Main Library


Meeting Starts                                                                                                                          3:00

Welcome and Introduction/New Agenda Items                                                                 3:05


Officer Reports                                                                                                        :10          3:15

Treasurer:  Les Mangus

Secretary:  Jawj Greenwald

Vice Chair:  Ron Getty

Chair:  Marcy Berry


Committee Reports                                                                                                  :05        3:20

Internet /Social Networking:  Rob Power

Initiatives/Ballot Measures:  R. Getty/A. Freedman

Membership:  Marcy Berry

Outreach:  Starchild


Political Candidates/Activists’ Report                                                                  :10        3:40

Announcements                                                                                                         :10        3:50


Old Business


Tax Day Rally Report: J. Greenwald/A. Freedman                                                :05        3:55


Mailings to High Schools Project: R.Power/Starchild                                           :15        4:10


Literature for distribution/Washington LP brochure: M.Berry                                :15        4:25


New Business


Discussion of Candidates and Ballot Measures

for LPSF support .  Suggestions/Volunteers                                                           :20        4:45


Procedures for candidates and proponents/opponents

of measures to be guests of LPSF:  Starchild                                                          :15        5:00

MINUTES MAY 14, 2011 LPSF Business Meeting


Officers Attending: Ron Getty –Vice Chair Leslie Mangus – Treasurer

Other attendees: Michael Edelstein, Aubrey Freedman, Starchild

Guests: Tony Adams, Dennis Dunleavy, Vickie Charles


Officer Reports:  Treasurer: Les Mangus - $5,079.20

Vice Chair: Ron Getty – nothing to report

Secretary: Jawj Greenwald - Absent

Chair: Marcy Berry- Absent


Committee Reports:


Initiatives and Ballot measures: Ron Getty, Aubrey Freedman:

Circumcision Ban – pending signatures about a week to go. Pension measures still pending language and local politics.


Michael Edelstein reported on a Ron Paul meet up 405 Sansome 2nd flr Monday evening 7:00 5/16..


Tax Day Rally: Aubrey Freedman reported time was well spent and should be repeated next year.


Other agenda items were put forward to the June 11 meeting as the responsible people were not able to attend.


A general discussion about Libertarianism and what it means was shared with our guests especially Vickie Charles.


Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.