Meeting of 9 December, 2017 | Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Meeting of 9 December, 2017

Libertarian Party of San Francisco Agenda:  Saturday, December 9, 2017
Meeting Location:  4th Floor Meeting Room in the San Francisco Main Library

  1. Welcome – Introductions 3:05-3:10
  2. Activist Reports 3:11-3:30
  3. Announcements 3:31-3:50
  4. ]Annual Election of Officers (in January) 3:51-3:55
  5. Membership/Newsletter Report 3:56-4:00
  6. Website Report 4:01-4:05
  7. Treasurer’s Report 4:06-4:10
  8. BOS Meetings Report 4:11-4:20
  9. Gun Show Tabling Report 4:21-4:30
  10. Petitions 4:31-4:40
  11. Ballot Measures Report 4:41-4:50
  12. Tax Day 2018 4:51-5:00

Libertarian Party of San Francisco Meeting of 9 Dec 2017
San Francisco Public Library, 4th Floor Conference Room

Aubrey Freedman (Chair)
Nick Smith (Secretary)
Jawj Greenwald (Treasurer)
Philip Regenie
Eva Chao
Phil Berg
Richard Winger

1. Welcome - Introductions
Aubrey: Been interested in Libertarianism since he read the Fountainhead
at 16, and took to more activism after his son started school. Aubrey
has plans to move to New Hampshire with the Free State Project

Philip: Moved here from NM. Also loves Ayn Rand, particularly Atlas
Shrugged. Owns a startup providing seniors with health monitoring

Eva: Eva is an immigrant from Taiwan and has been and has been quite
successful in this country. Having to deal with the government in
business has revealed it is not based on leadership and thinks the
country has been going the wrong direction, for either of the major
parties. Reached out to Gary Johnson’s campaign and was frustrated by
the lack of support / poor communication. The party could benefit a lot
from reaching more people and helping them to realize that Libertarian
values make sense to them. Had to deal with the Department of Health
being in the restaurant business and realized that government is not
there to help.

Nick: Moved out to San Francisco 2 and a half years ago to work in
Silicon Valley. Voted for Gary Johnson in two out of two elections I was
eligible to vote in, the first time after getting interested in Liberty
through Ron Paul. Got involved in the LPSF through the Gary Johnson

2. Activist Reports
Philip: Blogs about liberty, but isn’t convinced that this is real
activism. We support it though! Aubrey suggests that this is a way to
bring new people into the movement.

Jawj: Supporting privacy with an sticker she got from Starchild,
and support freedom out the feral cats.

Eva: Emailed Norman Yee and the MTA board to oppose the removal of the
MUNI stop at 17th Ave and Taraval, when there’s been so much opposition
to it. Got a “thank you for your comments” response. Also fought the
city and won previously after being billed with a bogus $59,000
property transfer tax when the ownership hadn’t changed at all.

Nick: Tabled at the Gun Show at Cow Palace with Aubrey and collected ~30
signatures for the repeal of the Top 2. Also been to a few events in
order to network with more who might be interested and get more people

Aubrey: Tabled at the Gun Show at Cow Palace for a weekend.

3. Announcements
Libertarian Party of California 2018 Convention
Long Beach Marriott - 4700 Airport Plaza, April 27-29

Aubrey and Nick are registered and will be attending!

4. Annual Election of Officers (in January)
Aubrey sent out the announcement (30 days in advance). We will be
electing a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. We won’t be at
our usual meeting place in the Library because it is booked solid. We
will meet at Phil Berg’s apartment nearby instead.

5. Membership/Newsletter Report
21 lifetime members, 23 regular paid members. Up 3 from last month.
Aubrey sent out the newsletter to a total of 335 recipients.

6. Website Report
Nothing much to report except that the email aliasing is not working
([email protected]).

7. Treasurer’s Report
Jawj doesn’t have the books, but Aubrey has the figures from the

$5788.94 from last month
+$37.50 from new members
+$40.00 from donations at the Gun Show tabling
Total: $5866.44
-$144.95 to reimburse Aubrey for the Gun Show tabling + SiteGround (web domain hosting)
+$229 (approx, from recurring Paypal donations)
Total: $5950.49 (approx)

8. Board of Supervisors Meetings Report
Starchild is not here to report on it, but we are still encouraging
anyone to attend these to keep some citizen oversight of the local

9. Gun Show Tabling Report
We tabled at the Gun Show at Cow Palace with Dan from GGLR and got some
more folks to take the world’s smallest political quiz and got a few
more people added to the newsletter. It seems smaller than previously;
less guns and ammunition there for sale and less people. We collected
about 35 signatures for the repeal of the Top 2.

10. Petitions
We talked about the Foundation to Stop Top 2. Richard Winger is here and
gathering signatures. In 2014, which was the first all Top 2 election,
we had the lowest turnout for the primary elections.

There are two ballot measures for the repeal of the gas tax. We think
the better one is the one which requires any future taxes to be approved
by the voters.

11. Ballot Measures Report
There are now 8 ballot measures for San Francisco; the most interesting ones:
- Repeal of ordinance banning the sale of flavored tobacco (we will be supporting it)
- Authorization for police officers to carry and user tasers.
- Living wage for educators act of 2018 (another parcel tax for 20 years)

March 15 is the deadline for arguments.

12. Tax Day 2018
We ran out of time! Will start to discuss this next meeting.