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  • Anyone for paying for services more than we need to?

    There is some good news and some bad news coming out of City Hall.  The good news is that the Board of Supervisors will be considering a proposal introduced by Supervisor Bevan Dufty to name the pedestrian plaza on 17th and Castro "Jane Warner Plaza" in honor of a Police Special Patrol Officer who served The Castro well and bravely.  The bad news is the Board of Supervisors might be meeting in the near future to find a way to dismantle the Patrol Specials -- because they are cost effective to private clients who pay them?  Go figure.  It seems as if the effots to eliminate the Patrol Specials are from the perspective of a taxpayer, misguided at best and irresponsible at worst.  From the perspective of a Libertarian, these efforts are additionally a blatant assau

  • Official Ballot Recommendations For Nov. 2, 2010

    Vote NO on A: Earthquake Retrofit Bond ($46M)
    Vote YES on B: City Retirement and Health Plans
    Vote NO on C: Mayor Appearances at Meetings
    Vote NO on E: Election Day Voter Registration
    Vote YES on G: Transit Operator Wages
    Vote NO on H: Elected Officials on Political Cmte
    Vote NO on I: Saturday Voting
    Vote NO on J: Hotel Tax Clarification and Increase
  • San Francisco's Unsustainable Pension Plans

    On June 24, 2010, the Civil Grand Jury made the press release below.  The role of the Civil Grand Jury is to investigate departments and agencies of The City and make recommendations.  However, it is up to “We the People” to implement the recommendations at the ballot box.  We either ignore the storm warnings, or we take action.  If the latter, more information can be obtained at the website referenced on the Grand Jury Report:

    San Francisco Civil Grand Jury warns of impending ‘pension tsunami’


    PENSION TSUNAMI: The Billion-Dollar Bubble

  • San Francisco Libertarian Party Ballot Recommendations

    Libertarian Party Ballot Recommendations For the June 2010 Elections:

    Proposition A: SFUSD Tax Measure: 5 No

    Proposition B: Earthquake Safety and ER Bond: 2 Yes / 3 No

    Proposition C: Establishing a Film Council: 6 No

    Proposition D: Reducing Employee Retirement Benefit Cost: 6 Yes

    Proposition E: Budget Line Item for Dignitary Security: 4 Yes / 1 No / 1 No position

    Proposition F: Renters Economic Relief: 6 No

    Proposition G: New Transbay Center Location: 5 Yes / 1 No

  • Ballot Initiatives June 2010

    Below are the ballot initiatives to be voted on at the April 10, 2010 LPSF meeting during the business meeting from 3pm - 5 pm.

    Please note the business meeting will take place in the Community Room of the Richmond District Police Station at 461 6th Ave. located 1/2 block south of Geary Blvd..


    See you there.

    Ron Getty
    Vice Chair
    Chair Initiatives Committee

    If it works right you should be able to highlight the name of the initiaitve hold down ctrl on your keyboard and right click on your mouse to get the pdf of the ballot initiative. ( Unh Hunh.....)